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Hide it! Makina!

Makina Agatsuma, the school idol, moves into the home of Eita Akutsu, an introverted mechanical otaku. Eita, who has secretly harbored feelings for her, thinks he's hit the jackpot! But it turns out, she's actually a robot made for sexual purposes. Caught off guard by her sudden physical advances, the virgin Eita is at a loss. Furthermore, he finds himself in a frenzy trying to help her maintain her secret identity. A romantic comedy with a slightly risqué mechanical revelation, where hilarity ensues as they try to keep the secret under wraps!

Tsuki Izuru Machi no Hitobito

An invisible person, a werewolf, a dracula, a medusa, a naga, a mummy, and a franken. These seven monster teenagers grow up as they wrestle with and learn about friendship, love, and family through each other. A series featuring these monsters, illuminated by a gentle moonlight.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Animation Comic

The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals who carry on its spirit have created the ultimate androids -- Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Who will save the world and defeat the Red Ribbon Army?!

Empress Mother

The tyrant Xi Wuji always thought that his pampered queen treated him affectionately, like a delicate little lotus flower. He thought she loved him, but on the day of his death, he opened his eyes. As a result of his death, she took charge of the government and had many lovers, and lived in debauchery. But he became her favourite lover again in this new life!?

Ikai Shinrishi no Shoukido to Iken

In 2013, an evil god landed on Enoshima. The area around Kamakura has now become a peculiar area called "another world." While everyone was going insane, only a psychologist specializing in ghosts was the salvation of those who were trying to keep their sanity. Engetsu Shimano, an unlicensed and mysterious psychotherapist, believes that humans are the ones who want strange things. I'm going to solve it while exposing it. A real ghost story woven by him and people who are fascinated by evil gods

Records of the Demonic Path’s Return

The main character Myeong-woon has escaped to a faraway sanctuary to avoid the Heavenly Demon Dod Cult’s fight for power. However, as he did not coincide with the Throne’s Will, he was unable to avoid strife. To make Myeong-un stir a fight within his family, the Heavenly Demon God Cult’s Leader, Myeonggak, visited him. Myeong-woon dies during his attempt to escape him. But right before he died, a voice spoke to him in his hazying consciousness. ‘…Do you regret it? Would you like to fight another time?” Myeong-woon believes he died after this voice away but he opens his eyes and…

F Rank Shoukanshi, Pet Atsukaide Kawaigatteita Shoukanjuu ga Bahamut ni Seichou shita no de Bouken wo Yamete Saikyou no Ryuu Kishi ni naru

From the weakest summoner to the world’s greatest dragon knight! The adventurer Jay was mocked by those around him as the “Lizard Summoner.” Although he was a professional summoner, the only summon beast he could call forth was a small lizard, which led him to be despised. As a result, Jay couldn’t form a party with anyone and continued his adventure alone, cherishing his little lizard, Kucck. …But one day, suddenly Kucck grew into a huge and magnificent dragon – Bahamut! Seizing this opportunity, Jay began working as a carrier. Before long, rumors of the “Carrier Dragon Knight” spread throughout the royal capital, and everyone started to rely on him! From the mocked F-rank summoner to the world’s greatest dragon knight- A reverse unbeatable fantasy life kicks off!!

Truth Mask

Wumian came into possession of a mask that conferred on him the ability to generate approval and compliance for all his actions. Despite that, he still failed to muster the courage to confess his feelings to the girl he had a crush on, not until a certain incident turned his life completely upside down…

I was a small fish when I reincarnated, but I heard I can become a dragon, so I'll do my best

A guy who has been reincarnated in another world remembers almost nothing about his past life. Contrary to his expectations, he becomes a small fish that wakes up in the middle of the river...A voice in his head calling himself The Voice of Heaven explains the path of his evolution, at the end of which the hero of the story will be able to become a dragon, gaining experience points and developing. The guy, having caught fire with this idea, begins hunting for the sake of raising the level. Who knew that magic, levels, and even special skills existed in this world?! The hero begins his journey from the weakest to the strongest, starting with a small fish!

Yeratium: The World Between Heaven And Earth

The long-awaited comicalisation of the Another world x Battle fantasy from the novel! Heaven, where gods dwell. On earth, where demons dwell. And people live in the world in between. There were seven floating continents. When a continent falls, demons appear and become stronger and when a continent rises, no demons appear and one can enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. The Wheel of Fortune,given by the gods, is responsible for a continent’s levitation. After 2,000 years, the Wheel of Fortune begins to change. The time for inevitable destruction, One boy soars through the space between heaven and earth on blue wings…..

The Exiled Failed Swordsman Becomes a Sorcerer ~ [Absolute Memory], Which Was a Garbage Skill for a Swordsman, Is a God Skill for a Sorcerer!

In a world where swordsmanship and magic clash, Durandal is born into one of the world’s most prestigious swordsman families. However, his innate skill is ‘Absolute Memory’. A skill that allows him to never forget anything he has seen or heard, but it was completely useless in swordsmanship where power is everything. Eventually, the banished Durandal encounters ‘magic’, and starts to change the life he had once given up on!!

L.A.G – Commissioned Series

L.A.G is an unknown space where humans use abilities or skills through awakening, monsters appear on each floor and room, and missions are given accordingly. Lee Jeong Hyeok repeated death and life countless times in this mysterious space. However, in this life, he gained the ability to own unlimited passive skills and finally saw a tangible chance to escape this hellish place. Still, unlike what he has been through so far, he will not know an inch of the future as L.A.G continues to change. This is a desperate survival story in which no one can be trusted and the end is nowhere in sight.

Rikan Koukoku Hikikomori Zuichou Hiden – Hibi Koukyuu no Nukedashi, Yuunou Kanri Yattemasu

A hikikomori princess and a talented government official, a success story of a male government official who uses two different faces! The 6th Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest Special Award in the Romance Category & Comicalization of the already published reprinted topical work! In a Chinese-style different world, Saya was picked up by the emperor of the Likan Empire and became the concubine of the inner palace. However, when she reaches the limit of her boring life, she sneaks out and disguises herself as a man and starts working as a government official. A seldom-seen "Hikikomori princess" and a talented government official who rose to the rank of second in charge of the Shoshosho in just five years. Use two different faces to solve the crises of the country that are coming one after another!

Keikoku Akujo no Yarinaoshi Oujotan – Kishi Danchou ga Bukiyou de Hanaremasen

Princess Sophia, the villainess who tilted the country and staged a coup d’etat, ended her life with a cup of poison – or so she thought.When she woke up, she was looped back to 5 years ago!Starting over from the age of 14?!In order to avoid the execution, she decided to be a good person in her second life!Then, a serious knight protector did his best to protect me.But don’t get carried away. I was the cause of his death the first time!A love story about a former princess of a leaning kingdom and a hard-nosed knight who are trying to avert all tragedies.

Doujin Onna Apartment Tatete Mita

One working otaku, Ako, a bank employee with extensive real estate knowledge, stops publishing her new book and builds an apartment on a debt of 50 million yen. This is a story of an otaku girl and a real estate agent by an up-and-coming writer.

Jobless Demon King

He is the Demon King who was impeached. She is the brave hero who was laid off because of a failed expedition. Bound by destiny, the two of them embark on an adventure to repay their debts.
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