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A Girl Who Was Told “You Have No Talent” Turned Out To Be A Talented Monster

Rithi is a petite girl with a tender heart. She was expelled from the heroes' party because of her lack of talent with swords and magic, but she still dreams of becoming the strongest and knocks on the door of the Adventurers' Guild. Naturally, with no talent, it seems impossible for her to achieve her dream of reaching the "super rank"......, but her true talent lies in her "physical strength"! She grew up deep in the mountains, and with her abundant passion, she trains day and night! This is normal, right? She is a true "muscle-brain," but she is unaware of it. She has mastered the sword, spear, and axe after just one look, and can even kill a named boss in the blink of an eye. Then one day, a horde of demons invades the town. While the best adventurers fall into despair, only Rithi, for some reason, is elated with joy. ......? Rush! Battle is more important than flowers! I'll do anything if it makes me stronger! A fantasy of unaware, high-speed success begins with a girl who will later be described as a "monster"!

Bad End Mokuzen no Heroine ni Tensei shita Watashi, Konse de wa Renai suru Tsumori ga Cheat na Ani ga Hanashite kuremasen!?

One day, office worker Suzune (Reine) is reborn as Raine, the heroine of a "work-based otome game" that is too far away from romance. She wants to fall in love with a handsome man in this life! However, she finds herself in a world where there is a magical caste system, and to her surprise, she is the lowest rank! Her family treats her coldly and she is on the verge of being expelled from school. ...... Even so, she is undeterred by the "strong mentality" she has developed in her previous life. Practising magic, studying, and increasing the likability of her targets, she runs hard to avoid a bad end and get a sparkling school life! As Rene pushes forward with such a bright and positive attitude, her high-spec brother Julius, with whom she was supposed to be on bad terms, somehow begins to dote on her - or does he? A school fantasy about a strong mental heroine who is loved by everyone!

A Useless Idol and the Only Fan in the World

"Urumin" is an idol, but she can't sing or dance well, and she got a dishonest character. Kimiya is the only fan in the world who likes her. The relationship between the two of them is a little different from the usual relationships between idols and fans! This is a "precious" love comedy that depicts the daily life of a bad idol and the man who keeps on promoting her, and the way he loves her!

Joushiki Shirazu no Saikyou Madoushi

In a world where there are monster nests called “labyrinths”, there lived a boy named Luke who spent his time alone in a labyrinth deep in the mountains. He studied magic from books his parents had left him. He mastered status magic, a requirement for admission to the Conqueror Academy (an institution that trains people to conquer labyrinths), and took the entrance exam, but Luke failed. With no other choice, he becomes a Freestyle Conquerors. Despite starting from adversity, he overcomes various difficulties with overwhelming power, rising to become the strongest Conquerors.

Dragon-Devouring Mage

[You will be the cornerstone of a new mythology. For the sake of that mythology, I will grant you another chance.] The last successor of a fallen founding contributor family and cursed third-rate mage, Russel Raymond. He hoped to revive his family’s societal status, but was expelled from the academy. All he could do was work as a mercenary third-rate mage. One day, on his way to his temporary job, his mother’s memento ring, the “Dragon’s Heart,” reacts, and Russel is given an unexpected chance. He “regresses” back to his days in the academy. [You have received a mana stone (consumable) as a mission reward.] That is how Russel begins soaring in life. Like a dragon who never got to spread his wings. He crosses the waves called fate that had pressed down on him and flies into the bright world he was previously banned from.

The Traveling Alchemist's Slow Life

Mei, who lost her life at a young age due to a chronic illness, is reborn in another world as an alchemist, her dream job, by the grace of God. She travels to various places to spread her love of alchemy! The girl's solo journey of alchemy and slow life is about to begin!


A clueless gravure geek, Sumida Shinobu, starts living together with a fledgling gravure model, Kuzuki Sakura, by chance! While he is excited about his dreamy days, a dirty photographer, a corrupt manager, and a sexually harassing producer all come after “my darling Sakura-chan” one after another! Can Shinobu protect Sakura-chan’s chastity?Airi Katsura, the author of the popular “Karami Zakari” series, which has sold over 4.5 million copies, presents a handsome NTR love comedy between me and popular gravue idols.

Hitori Camp shitara Isekai ni Teni shita Hanashi

Kaede, an office worker, is on a solo camping trip in the mountains to heal from a broken heart, when she finds herself in another world. At first, she is intimidated by the strange demons she has never seen before, but she gradually grows stronger and tougher. Fenrir and fairies also become her friends. Kaede's camp life in another world, where she has a steel mentality, has just begun!

The Absurd Everyday Life of Great Sorcerer Delray Curtis who was Reverse Reincarnated

The manga centers on Delrey Curtis, a magician living in a fantasy world who, due to a certain incident, is ripped from his world and sent to ours, inhabiting the body of a Japanese high school student named Mikado Kuroikazuchi. Though he remembers his world, he is unable to use magic, and Mikado is hated by everyone around him due to his attitude and personality.

Marika-chan and Her Gentle Love Slave

“It’s because Yuu-kun is Marika’s slave!” One day, my childhood friend Marika, whom I haven’t met in 4 years suddenly appeared in front of me and said that. What…?! Was her personality always like that? Actually, hold up. Ever since then, I intentionally put some distance between Marika and I… Yes, after she saw me doing that… A provocative and tantalizing heart-throb! Thus begins the battle for dominance & the back-and-forth game of love!

I, the Only [Divine Sword User] in the World, Was Expelled and Became the Strongest With the Awakened [Divine Sword]

Albert... Commonly known as Al, is a adventurer in murphin. He is also the only one in the world who is a [divine sword user], a job that no one else has. But this job is too weak. It is neither particularly strong nor useful. Although he had a divine sword, its attack power was only 1! The guild master forcefully expelled him from the guild. Al is at a loss, but he can't get a job because of the rumors that are spreading in the town. He has no choice but to go hunting for monsters, and defeats the first one. From there, the cheat-like performance of the [divine sword] begins to blossom. He also develops the town he moved to, which was in shambles. This is the story of Al who becomes the strongest with the cheat ability of the [divine sword], develops the town from the bottom to the "strongest", and makes his name known around the world.

Hermann-san Kakukatariki

Café Berlin, a store in Taisho Ginza, a coffee shop run by three Germans, is full of mysterious incidents. Berlin's waiter, Hermann, who loves to play tricks on people, and the waitress, Saki, work hard to solve the tragedy that leaves the town in a tizzy! A subversive mystery about the erratic duo.

Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not The Holy Child

A hundred years ago, Chu Xiu transmigrated from Earth to Cang Qiong Continent, and received the Destined Villain System. After killing countless holy sons and daughters, he was surrounded by the older generation, and self destructed, possessing Tai Su Sacred Ground Yun Xia Mountain's senior disciple. This time, he decided to lay low and develop strength. Let's start small, what about becoming a saint admired by thousands?

Yuusha to Yobareta Nochi ni – Soshite Musou Otoko wa Kazoku wo Tsukuru

In a world where humans and demons clash — the one who decimated the Demon Lord’s army was a lone hero named Lloyd. Possessing power so immense that he was said by the Demon Lord to be near godlike, after the war, Lloyd was appointed by the king to be the lord of a remote territory and was sent far away. Furthermore, he was tasked with subduing the Emperor Dragon residing in that land, which he quickly defeated. However, the defeated dragon transformed into a beautiful woman and chose to become Lloyd’s companion!? This is the story of a man, hailed as the strongest, yet unable to recognize his own worth, finding a “family”.

STAR: Strike it Rich

“Yup! Just as slow as I thought.” After retiring from public fighting and getting fired from underground fighting, 27 year old Tenma Nozomi's zest for life is gradually dwindling away. It's hard to be at the bottom with nowhere to go, and that's exactly where she and her two friends are. However, Nozomi hits upon an idea that may just solve all of their problems: they could make their own underground fighting circuit for women, and tap into an underexplored market. As good as that sounds, her insistence on including the unknown quantity Hongou Hina may prove to be more than she bargained for...

Geist X Revenant: I, a Trash Mob, Evolved My Geist Partner Into a Beautiful Girl and Made Her the Strongest!

"I'll turn the tables on the main character!" Yohei Mochizuki, a new student at a [geist] user school, was bullied by his classmates because his geist partner, a [Goblin] by the name of Gobubi, was weak and ugly. However, one day he discovered a "wiki" and realized that he was living inside a game world, and his situation changed for the better! "No more tears. Let's take revenge on the main character together." Yohei took full advantage of knowledge about the game to evolve Gobubi into the strongest natural beauty! With this, he can look back at his classmates and stand next to the senpai of his dreams! But just as he was finally able to obtain happiness, but then I was suddenly challenged to subjugate a domain boss by a beautiful foreign exchange student...are these problems that happen as you get stronger? This is the fairy tale story of a boy who resists fate as the game's loser character and the weakest [Goblin], who together, aim to become the strongest!
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