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Baki Side Story: Chiharu's Flower

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The Beast Tamer Was Fired From His Childhood Friends' S-Rank Party

From MangaUpdates: A beast tamer without a familiar, Lock had been supporting his friends in an S Rank party until they finally decided to use him as a decoy and abandoned him. After a conversation with the Fenrir his party was attacking, it chose to serve him as his familiar. By using and expanding the [Mini Monster Garden], Lock gathers more and more familiars to form the strongest- and cutest- party ever. Behold, a fantasy where men and beasts go on adventures together.

You'll listen to me, won't you? Senpai

One day, the most beautiful girl in school suddenly shows up at Kento Ikuno's door. She shows him a "ticket" written in awkward handwriting. This is the start of a romantic comedy about a "ticket to do anything I say" that came from his childhood.

Omiai Shitakunakattanode, Muri Nandai Na Jouken Wo Tsuketara Doukyuusei Ga Kita Ken Ni Tsuite

One day, Yuzuru Takasegawa — a first-year high school student — is urged by his grandfather to go on an arranged marriage meeting, insisting that he wants to see his great-grandson before he dies. However, not wanting to bear the weight of a fiancee at the tender age of a freshman in high school, Yuzuru tries to avoid the arranged marriage meeting by imposing an irrational condition that, “If she is Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Fair Skinned with big boobs, only then I will think about the marriage”. But somehow, he finds the girl who meets the conditions that Yuzuru has put out, and he reluctantly ends up going to matchmaking only once. And on the day of matchmaking, it was Arisa Yukishiro, a beautiful girl with reputation at school, shows up on the scene. [adapted from Novel Updates]

Immortal Cultivation Is a Dead End

Meng Nan, a relationship virgin from Earth, died in a car accident. He reincarnated in a world of immortals and heroes, and they even allocate wives?! Is this the beginning of a delightful new life?! Then he realized — The art of immortal cultivation! Is a. Dead! End!

The Saintess Was Summoned a Long Time Ago. To Japan.

She was supposed to have been summoned as a saintess, but instead got thrown into a country called Japan. Alexandra Oriel, a.k.a. "Rei Natsukawa", hides her magical powers and works as an office worker for a small company in modern Japan. "As long as I can live peacefully and uneventfully, this is fine." says Rei, who faces many small troubles standing in the way of her lifestyle. Follow Rei Natsukawa, a mage possessing high level magical powers, and her seemingly ordinary — yet extraordinary — story. (Source: Young Champion)

Hyouketsukei Koso Saikyou desu! – Chiisakute Kawaii Shishou to Kekkon suru Tame ni Saikyou no Majutsushi wo Mezashimasu

The Hermes family has been producing excellent magicians. However, it was discovered that their third son, Frey, was only suited to the unpopular ice attribute in the modern era. As a result, Frey was looked down upon by those around him and was exiled from the Hermes family.

Erotical Wizard With Twelve Brides

Junpei Ichinose, a student at a magic school in Tokyo, is a dropout who has never discovered his magic aptitude. Suddenly, the beautiful witch Meryl appears before him and tells him, "I need your power, the reincarnation of the Demon King". Junpei finds out that he has the power of the Demon King. He learns that he has the power of the Demon King, and his secret is revealed to Sonia, a beautiful girl who is a descendant of a brave warrior. Junpei, who has no intention of becoming a Demon King, persuades Sonia to teach him how to use his power properly. However, the Demon King's power is the strongest and worst "erotic magic"! The harem school battle to master H-magic with beautiful girls is about to begin!

The Song of Theodor

During her childhood years, Sienna, the vivacious Princess of the Western Empire, and Latio, the Prince of the Northern Kingdom who was sent over as a political hostage, had a fateful encounter. The two gradually opened their hearts to each other, while the young King Nyah of the Eastern Empire observed them from the shadows… Alas, the tranquil peace between the three kingdoms was but a mere facade, soon to be shattered at the drop of a hat. As war broke out, the past childhood sweethearts are now faced with impossible choices that pit love against duty: battle and bloodshed, smoke and tears, sincerity and betrayal— riddled with turmoil, the two must come together to compose a song, a song of a boy and girl — the “Song of Theodor”. The Lady and the Lion / Di Ao Duo Zhi Ge / The Lady and the Lion /

Akuyaku Reijou wa, Zenryoku de Oshi ni Kakin shitai!

The moment seven-year-old Lydia meets Douglas "for the first time", she remembers her memories of her previous life. This world was very similar to the game that Lydia's previous life, Madoka Nanami, had played! And Douglas is Madoka's favorite character... Ten years after regaining her memories, Lydia struggles to make her favorite character happy, using the 50 million pendos she has worked and saved!

Kiraware Majo to Karada ga Irekawatta Keredo, Watashi wa Kyou mo Genki ni Kurashiteimasu!

A happy slow life begins with a switch! Marietta, princess of the snow country of Sneu, is trapped in a magic tower because she can't use magic. 8 years later, on her wedding day with the prince of the silver country, she thought she had succeeded in summoning a holy beast, but then... What appeared was...?

Red Storm

A mysterious man suddenly appears in the desert separating the East and West Continents. A young boy, Yulian Provoke from the Pareia tribe finds this man, and brings him to his village. Turns out the man is an incredibly strong and amazing individual, and he begins to teach the young boy fighting skills.

Wherever a Couple Goes

Office worker Joji got married a month ago. That person is Karen from Russia. She is beautiful like a fairy, and is a proud wife with bright silver hair that catches the eye. However, Karen's occupation is a mangaka, and she can't do anything like a married couple. One day, Karen's work settles down and we can spend time together for the first time in a while. In order to do something like a married couple, Joji came up with the idea of...a honeymoon!!! The two who got to know each other through their travels returned to their roots and headed for a trip to Niijima Village...!! Let's go on a trip together♪ Married couples enjoy honeymoon romantic comedy!!!! Source: Amazon [Machine Translation]

The Hero Wants a Married Woman as a Reward

The hero, Chloe, is a strange hero who demands a bounty when saving people. And what makes it different is the prize... He only likes married women, so he demands the prettiest Milf in town. "If you want me to save the city, give me the most beautiful milf" A unique erotic Fantasy story created by a hero!


In Clear Waters High School, the cheerful and humorous Justin used to be good friends with diligent Class President Ian. However, because of an unexpected note, they became gay partners in other's eyes. In their wonderful, yet unordinary 18 years old, will their "friendship" be able to take another step further?
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