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When I Reincarnated, I Was Doted on by the Demon King

Haruka, an employee for a real estate company, is lamenting about her mistakes at work as well as her unrequited love with a senpai who recently got married when a "meteor" suddenly hits her window. The suspicious man who fell from the sky is the self-proclaimed demon king?! He then proceeds to tell her that in her previous life she was the saint, which makes him her archenemy… like hell anyone would believe something that sounds as if it came from a light novel! Then he declares, "I'll make you happy, and when you've regained hope I'll plummet you into despair!" Corporate slave who was a saint in her past life x demon king, the story of their cohabitation as the demon king becomes a doting lover. (Source: Mangaupdates) Mangaka pair's twitter

Interview with a Murderer (Queensa)

Jonathan helps his brother interview a serial killer, but little does he know that said killer has a special interest in him...

The House Without Time

An abused little girl with nothing to live for meets an old man with a nasty personality.

Mr. A and Mr. B

A sweet fluffy story between the calm, quiet A and wild, social B. With not a single thing in common, will the two be able to nurture a safe romantic relationship? Let’s find out!

The Millennium Alchemist

A child was abandoned in a forest infested with monsters and ghosts. Woon Sowol was adopted by the five masters and learned the best magical techniques. Although the five masters are godly beings, now their inner balance is on the verge of being broken down. Woon Sowol takes revenge on behalf of his masters, and goes to the world to become a god. In the end, will Sowol be able to get out of the forest of beasts?

Gangho Apocalypse

Shigure has appeared in Kangho! And destroyed Kangho! This is the story of the people who survived the disaster. Cheongsu, a disciple of the Volcano sect, who had been hiding his abilities. For some reason, he was sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in the mountains. Three years later... When Cheongsu leaves the confession hall, he sees Kang Ho, who has been erased. To find his missing siblings, who might still be alive somewhere. He wanders through the ruins of Kangho.

Mythological Judgement

The gods from mythology, are they as good as dead to rights in the face of a modern day court system? Not exactly, especially when they have this lawyer to sort something out. The king of the underworld, Hades, the Allfather, Zeus...a whole crazed assortment of gods who go to our protagonistic lawyer for his capable skill of saving them with the power of the law. A cluster storm of courtroom comedy now enters the fray!

I Can Change The Timeline of Everything

“What should I do if the elixir has expired? Don’t be afraid! Just reverse the elixir’s time, I want all of your expired elixirs! What should I do if the cultivation method is too slow? Don’t be afraid! Just adjust the cultivation time forwards by hundreds of years, the cultivation method will be successfully mastered immediately. What if the growth of Spiritual Grass is too slow? Don’t be afraid! Just accelerate the growth time of the Spiritual Grass by tens of thousands of years, and the Spiritual Grass immediately becomes a Divine plant. Traveling to another world and discovering that you are a waste material? Don’t be afraid! I can change the timeline of everything!”

Kamisama no Gakkou

Shohei, a high school student, went to visit a shrine with his grandparents as usual. At the shrine, there was a mysterious child who was never there... After returning home, Shohei witnesses his grandfather talking to the child in his room. Surprised, Shohei is told by his grandfather that this child is the god of the shrine he always visits, and that he is the one who serves this god! Furthermore, he says that he will hand over that role to Shohei...

Living a Carefree Life Collecting Raw Materials in Another World

Sozai Shuu, a working adult with a slightly weird habit of loving to collect raw materials, was transferred to another world by God after losing his life. In order to live leisurely, Shuu wished for 『a power to live a carefree life collecting raw materials in another world.』His wish was successfully granted however, his magic power is strangely enormous, and his skill is really convenient? Seems like God misunderstood that he wanted to harvest materials from monsters leisurely so the power he gave Shuu was so incredible…. Nevertheless, Shuu does not take it to mind and freely uses his unique skill 【Detect】 in another world to search for materials, harvest them, eat them, make money off of them and lives a carefree life collecting materials.
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