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Brother’s Sick Love

Yu Xiang unfortunately transmigrates into a merchant's daughter, who was mistakenly taken to the marquis manor at birth. She is immediately disabled, and carries the nickname of 'disaster star'. Helpless, she can only cling to her older brother, the marquis, in hopes of surviving, and wait for the true master to return so she can give way. Years later, when the true master returns to the manor, yu xiang prepares to leave. however, she finds out her clinging technique is too good, that her marquis brother won't let her leave!

Divine Circumstances

People have red threads that tie them to their destined significant other. Are Ryeong and Taeseong going to be tangled up by their red threads? Are they just enemies that couldn’t stop bickering? Or are they going to be lovers bound by the red threads?

Super Topics

In the near future, the world comes to an abrupt end, leaving only a few survivors A young girl is forced into a game of life and death as she must clear various goals to survive With the winning ticket being a chance at life, she takes up the challenge against mysterious forces 81 Fatal Questions Bashiyi Dao Chaogang Ti Super Topic Super Topics 八十一道超纲题 서바이벌 81개의 난제

Rollover Guide for Overlord Type of Princess

My name is Ruan Qing, a domineering president of the 21st century accidentally travels back to ancient times, and is preparing to use his strong business ability to make a fortune…… “What?” “Marry!” “Male concubine? Men can also be a princess?” “I’m a dignified president, but I’m going to marry someone?” == Xuan Jingyao “This king………………From today, I will be your husband!” Ruan Qing: “…………” Xuan Yao: “Put this chain on…” Ruan Qing: “Ah???” OVERLORD TYPE PRINCESS ROLLOVER GUIDE Bà Zǒng Xíng Wángfēi Fānchē Zhǐnán Rollover Guide for Overlord Type of Princess 霸总型王妃翻车指南

Zombie Fight

As life gets harder, Ian pushes his emotions away and resists. His father's violence and debts increase. Thee misfortunes continued and his body became increasingly numb, he accidentally walks in on an illegal fight and receives an offer. "If you get in the game, I will give you all the money on this floor." His survival period begins, where he must survive in an illegal fighting arena.

Noise From Upstairs

What would you do if your neighbor didn’t stop making noise? People think of Si-u Seo as a nice guy, but when his upstairs neighbor refuses to stop making noise, he gradually becomes consumed by his desire for revenge despite the fact that his neighbor is dangerous. Si-u will stop at nothing to ruin his neighbor’s life, even if it means burning his own life to the ground.

Sasaki and Miyano Official Anthology Comic

The official manga anthology of the manga series Sasaki and Miyano.

No, Miyahara, Not You!

The manga centers on Arima, a boy who has a crush on a girl named Yukihira. But every time he tries to make a move to get closer to Yukihira, his other friend Miyahara just happens to be in the scene and will always mistakenly think that Arima is making a move on her.

Black Lagoon: Eda Initial Stage

The manga centers on Eda, the original manga's undercover CIA agent based in Roanapur's church, during her early days as a rookie in the CIA.

A Story of Taking Home a Lonely Gal from My Class and Turning Her into an Elegant Beauty

On a rainy night, Akira Akamori, a high school student about to transfer to a new school, saw his blonde classmate, Aoi Soutome, standing in the park drenched from the rain. “…I don’t have a home anymore.” Though Aoi was a complete stranger to him, Akira couldn’t leave a girl alone, so he took her home. “Thanks for the help.” “I-It’s fine…” When Akira heard about Aoi’s complicated situation, he decided to help her and let her live with him until he transferred to a new school. While confused by their new cohabitation arrangement, the two slowly grew close to each other. It is a love story of two people who repeatedly come together and drift apart, like a spinning record.

Apollo’s Heart

In the busy lobby, the woman whom he believed had died years ago appeared before his eyes. Yet, once again, he lost her in the sea of faces. “Who is this Jin Hye-Yeon you are looking for?” Instead of answering, Tae-Jun pulled out a cigarette from his cigar case, lit it up and continued searching through the hotel’s visitors list. “Is that your lover who died four years ago?” Tae-jun finally looked up, “… How do you know about her?”

I Thought It Was Time!

Lariette, the daughter of the Duke of Blanche, was diagnosed with a three-month time-limit. She decided to try to achieve her bucket list since the body was going to die anyway. First, dumping an older fiance who she doesn't even love. Second, dating the monster Duke of Candel for 3 months! But it was only when she ran away from him that she realized, the fact that a time-limited diagnosis was a complete misdiagnosis!

Mabaram the School Conqueror

In the near future, the education system has evolved into a military competition between youths over domination of others where the stakes are high: The winner takes all from the loser. Schools are now mobile buildings that host their students, who are able to summon weapons of varying power and shape to battle each other. Mabaram starts from the bottom in this system and won't let his school, Metro, go down without a fight. He will have to pair up with his peers to assimilate other schools to reach the tallest heights of the ranking.

The Maid Wants to Quit Within the Reverse Harem Game

The main character, who transmigrates into an exhausting reverse harem game as an extra, has seen it to the end six times, but yet she's still unable to return to reality? No matter how true she stays to her role as an extra, she keeps getting swept along with the characters' tragic ending. Now, she's determined to leave everything behind and live her own life. "It's my resignation letter. I would like to leave this estate." I'm sure the main leads will be fine without me, after all. However. "On who's account are you leaving this estate for? Did you not say you were my person, Iren?" "Irenea, I don't intend to connect with anyone else but you. It'll only be you." "Don't go, Lea. Stay by my side, alright?" "I would like for you to be happy, Miss Irenea." Every character in the game has started to notice me.
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