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Do You Know a Fairy?

Due to his unique ability of seeing guardian fairies, Eun-Oh is deemed to be a loner. One day, the new transfer student Jae Hwi approached him without hesitation! "I feel good whenever I'm with you." After being told such words, Eun-Oh started to have a change of heart…

My Fair Footman

All's fair in love and war... if you are who you say you are. Meet Avery, the Earl of Baenbowie's footman. By day, he attends to the household, running errands for the Earl and being teased endlessly by him, too. By night, Avery dreams of the day she can stop pretending to be a boy and finally be the girl under her short haircut and men's waistcoat. But as her feelings for the Earl keep growing and the Crowned Prince is suspicious of her secret, will she make it to her 18th birthday unscathed?

Look a Picture

Jisoo, who dreamed of becoming a fairy tale illustrator since she was young, dropped out to achieve her dream and went to her grandmother's house, where she meets Dowon. Dowon, who was worried about not having a dream, is interested in Jisoo who is trying hard to achieve her dream. "The farther you try to catch, the farther away you feel. When will the day you reach your dream come?"

The Strongest Body Refiner in History

A Hundred Thousand of both Gods and Demons refine their own bodies to its finest and its peak, Ten Thousand Demons would then reforge their own bodies with Mystical Herbs, all of them would then come together to pierce the Nine Heavens, wreak havoc to the balance of Yin and Yang, and become the strongest being there ever has been! This is the story of the mysterious cultivator, Yè Cangxuán, the strongest cultivator there ever has been in history. He descended onto the lower realms after his battle with the Deities of the Heavens which caused great chaos between the Nine Realms. However, he was reborn miraculously, along with his memories in a mortal's body. "Now, I shall become the unparalleled existence there has ever been, and no god will be on par with me! I'll consume all the godly pills there would be in this world, spread my fame across JiangHu, and pierce the boundaries between heaven and earth!" This is the beginning of the greatest cultivator's bloodbath! The Strongest Grandmaster of Body-strengthening Cultivation manhua Shǐ Shàng Zuì Qiáng Liàn Tǐ Lǎo Zǔ The Strongest Body Refiner in History The Unyielding Ancient Cultivator 史上最强炼体老祖 선조귀환

Love Count Down

Yoo Minhee finds her boyfriend cheating on her. On her way home, she runs into her childhood friend Park Heemin. After having seen Minhee crying, Heemin proposes to Minhee that the two of them make a love contract...?!

She Is Coming, Please Get Down!

The 18-year-old actress fell into the sea, when she returned her personality completely changed. Before she was soft, easy to bully, suddenly now she is a ruthless killer that everyone hears scared. From poor acting to talented actress, rich men everywhere are wholeheartedly respectful to her ... Tacit rules? How much money is your company worth? Famous actress? I just had a little fun, not being careful won the prize. Trash? I understand the most is this, do not be too weak, then I am not satisfied. Returning in the name of the god of death, I will take revenge.

Black Winter

On a dark winter night, a young boy was cursed and a young girl had sinned. One cold winter night, Haesa seeks shelter in an old house in the mountains, where she meets a slumbering stranger named Yuan. That's when tragedy begins to befall Haesa’s friends, plunging the young girl into a sad and lonely youth. Ten years later, as Yuan starts to regain his lost memories, he realizes that this cursed fate goes back much further, to a time only he can recall. But with sinister forces at play, will they be able to break the toxic cycle and step into the warmth of spring?

Revenge Queen

Abandoned, framed, tragic ending... A quick-transmigration female supporting lead has had enough! Why must a supporting character have to be a contrast to the main lead?! From this world onwards, she has decided to take fate into her own hands, no longer listening to the system's plans! Pushing aside all obstacles and difficulties, she fulfils her own dreams, whilst using all sorts of methods to get back at those who harmed her previously...

End and Save

The villain is the main character and the main character is the villain. A fantasy story that takes place in the present time, following the shenanigans of a villain, his assistant and their underling(s).

Forget About My Husband, I'd Rather Go Make Money

Aristine is a princess imprisoned all her life, not allowed to be in front of the emperor. But the fact that she was the possessor of the [Eye King], she could see both the future, the present and the past. She became the scapegoat for a political marriage, marrying a fearsome barbarian… “The most precious things should be given to my wife.” The person who will soon become my husband seems very strange, but it is much more ordinary than I thought However, he has a mistress. “I have to make money quickly” Will Aristine really achieve her dream of living freely on a pile of money? Or will she end up killing two birds with one arrow that hits two targets?

I Don't Want to Be Duke's Adopted Daughter-In-Law

I have possessed the extremely cruel villainess who tormented the male lead during his childhood days in the orphanage. To change my fate, I decided “Just don’t do that,” but the pitiful boy kept getting beaten up by the other kids anyway, so I had to keep an eye on him even more! Then one day, his father's best friend the Duke, who had been searching for the male lead for 10 years, finally found the orphanage. “I'll adopt this child here. Oh, and the child next to him too.” Wait, why am I also getting adopted?! He wants me as his daughter-in-law for the male lead?!? What about the female lead?? — Just like in the original novel, the male lead joined his adoptive father in the war. He was supposed to return from the battlefield with the female lead, so I carefully prepared for a divorce and made a lot of money so I can live by myself! But… “Damian, did you come home alone? Did noone else come with you?” “Someone else?” Upon hearing my question, Damian’s gaze suddenly sharpened. “Ellie. are you looking for a man other than your husband?” “Huh?” “That's no good, I would probably kill that man out of jealousy.” I looked over to my father-in-law for help. “I also agree, Ellie. You shouldn’t betray your husband ever...”

The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transmigration

I’ve had enough of being transmigrated into novels. You would be tired of it too, especially if it was already your fourth time doing it. This time, I became the female lead’s villainous older sister. ‘Oh, I’m so sick of this.’ Yet again, I was sure this life wouldn’t be exciting either. I had led straightforward lives before, and then I died and moved on to the next. But why was it that this iteration was a tad different? ‘Why can I use the abilities I had in my second transmigration?’ ‘Why is the female lead bothering me so much?’ Alicia, this novel’s protagonist, was fated to have a poor, emaciated life. However, considering that she was this novel’s true heroine, I couldn’t just let her roll through the mud like this. I would do everything in my power to change her fate. ‘My younger sister, don’t become the female lead this time.’ To achieve my goal through a project hereby dubbed as the [Mob-Alicia Project], I’ve recruited the male lead’s older brother. Cassion Carter. He was the villain who was almost killed—no, was fated to be killed—by the male lead. “If you want to live, promise me one thing.” As if he was a wild beast that had been hunted and left to die alone, he breathed with incredible difficulty. I reached toward the poor man’s face and caressed his cheek, leaning down to whisper softly. “If I save you…” Lay down your own life on the line to protect my sister.

I'm a Plain Girl and I Want to Show Off My Charm

Furukawa Koto, the plainest girl in class, desperately wants the elusive Kishi-kun to look at her.

My Level Up Is Strange! ~ Reincarnation of a Great Man in a Different World

Zarmen, a rising adventurer, decided to retire from the adventure business, and to graduate from his virginity, he decided to spend all the money he had saved since his reincarnation in a luxury brothel. The woman who appeared in front of him was the finest woman he would ever have known. Thanks to her hospitality, Zarmen fully enjoys his first sex, but at that moment, his ears hear a mysterious announcement, "I confirmed my implantation.", "Level up!" "Does this mean that the more "seeding" you do, the stronger you get?" An extraordinary implantable foreign world adventure fantasy created by a bottom adventurer who has been at level 1 for many years levels up through sex!

The Demon of The Mansion & Me

“So the best way to become the owner of that house is… to marry rich!” After the deed to Jojo’s late grandfather’s mansion is deemed invalid, a demon appears, declaring her the mansion’s true owner and him its guardian spirit! He even has a plan for her: marry one of the current occupants! But Jojo’s never been in a relationship and needs all the help she can get. Will she get the key to the mansion and the heart of a future husband? Or will she discover there’s more hidden between these walls? The Contract 与子成契
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