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I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter

25 years old unemployed Lee Juwon. One day, he became a dad. "Dad...?" But... his daughter is too cute.

Bartlett Eiyuu-tan ~ Slow Life Shitai noni Dekinai Jakushou Kizoku Funtou ki ~

Ramsay is a boy who was reincarnated from Japan to another world. Although he was born as a son of a noble family, as the third son who cannot inherit the family, he is given only a barren territory, and together with other boys who are also unable to inherit the family, he develops a new village! There is no cheat even if you reincarnate, but start cultivating a slow life!

Salaryman Z

Yusaku Maeyamada (40 years old) works at a copy machine company, and his mornings start with a gulp of oshiruko. Every day I respect the teachings of the great managers who came before me and think about the meaning of work. However, that daily life suddenly came to an end. A devastated Tokyo, a shaky company, and the revealing of human nature. What is being questioned now is the pride of office workers. A businessman who continues to ask questions like ``What does it mean to work?'' and ``What does it mean to live?'' in extreme conditions!

Thermae Romae redux

The year is 158 AD, and the Roman Empire thrives under the 20th year of Emperor Antoninus Pius’s reign. Lucius, a Roman bathhouse architect, is now sixty years old and plagued with back pain. His wife Satsuki has mysteriously disappeared, his son, Marius, is beyond comprehension...and to top it off, he still has the Roman bathhouses to worry about! 20 years after the end of the series, Lucius now 60 years old in the year 158 AD has undergone a midlife crisis and his wife from present day Japan Satsuki disappeared leaving him with his now adult son who never understands him. As he deals with more problems with his life, Lucius once again is transported to modern-day Japan through a bathhouse, leaving him with more adventures that await him.

How to Love a Misfit

“No talent, no money, no education. A worthless person, bottom of the barrel.””But… just seeing you like that makes me feel so happy.”Shinba, an unemployed young man, is what someone could call a useless person.For some reason, such a man is dating a cool and beautiful woman named Hizumi.For the sake of Hizumi, whom he loves very much, Shinba tries to graduate from being a useless person, but his efforts are always in vain.She ridicule, sneers and deny him. She whisper words of love to him and stays by his side.An imbalanced love story, presented by a useless man and a devilish girlfriend, open its curtains to the world.

What's for Lunch, Today?

Hungry time is happy time! Yuzuru Okazaki, who works at a video game company, is a lonely company worker who is not good at socializing with others. His only bliss at the office is to eat his lunch box, which he makes by himself! One day, while he was having his usual happy lunch time, an intruder, Maria Sakaue, an idol of the PR department, came to ruin it. What’s more, she is demanding that I give her my lunch box…? Their secret lunch time begins..!

Hoshino-kun Please Follow My Lead!

Hoshino, a member of the baseball club meets Yamada, a classmate who has just transferred to his new school. She cries loudly that she was “mugged” and makes a certain “request” to him.The world’s funniest master-slave relationship between a clueless girl and a good-natured little guy is about to begin.Big Comics Release

Hebigami-sama to Nagamimi no Miko

Mizuha, the old elf god, works as a shrine maiden at a shrine dedicated to the snake god. She is always being swayed by a free-spirited and worldly god. The interspecies comedy of the uneven duo brought to you by Okamura of “The Lizard Explodes” opens!!
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