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My Summon Pandora But Dead

Status: Publishing
Published: ?
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Genres: Fantasy, School, Seinen
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My Summon Pandora But Dead summary:
My summoned beast is dead Author Rakusan Illustration Shinyu Regular price: 770 yen (700 yen + tax) Release date: February 19, 2022 Format: Paperback Product format: Paperback Number of pages: 360 ISBN: 9784040744452 My summoned beast is the corpse of a legendary great demon beast that can even kill gods!? The ``other'' summoned beast summoned by Fail Fonaf, a struggling student who attends the Summoner Training School, commonly known as the academy, is ``Pandora, the demonic beast of the end'' whose name is etched in mythology! Over 300 meters tall. Fail uses the strongest summoned beast that has killed many gods as his partner, but there is one big problem... "There's no doubt about it. My Pandora is completely dead." In order to defeat the school's top princess, Sasha Sid Zeultania, she and her teammates decide to find a way to move "Pandora's corpse," which does not move at all. A summon battle fantasy of a summoner who will eventually save the world!