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Chocolate Underground

Chocolate and other sweets have been banned thanks to the political reign of the Good For You Party, and the new laws are enforced strictly, with force if need be. Smudger and Huntley are two teen boys determined to eat chocolate again. They search out rumored chocolate bootleggers, eventually starting their own chocolate underground distribution.

Pieces of a Spiral

Sakuya and Wakyo are reincarnated and reunited only to discover that Bishu-sama — their master and mentor from a past existence—is in their midst and in grave danger from vengeful demons! Still unsure of their own powers and the nature of their cunning and elusive enemy, they must race against time to rescue Bishu from the dark forces that roil within his reincarnated form. (Source: CMX)

Egg of Tomorrow

High school student Makoto's life is turned upside down when Yusuke, Makoto's grandson from the future, appears before him asking for his help!

Arinoe's Monk

Michell is a monk in the city of Maridolsi. As he goes about his daily life, he encounters many interested people as well as intriguing mysteries. Murder, rape... Michell must face the darker side of man to solve these secrets surrounding him. (Source: Saviour Scanlations)


When white-hat thieves Royale and Damascus were hired to steal The Prussian Blue from the world's most powerful art trader, they didn't expect to run into competition. With new foes, mysterious forces, and a political catastrophe on the horizon, this might be their toughest job yet--if they survive. Welcome to London, baby.

Legends of Silica

Amory & Pearson, two ambitious glass crafters, learn they are evicted from their workshop and must seek out new opportunities. They never expected to find themselves as caretakers of the magical Kingdom of Silica. If they want to leave, all they must do is locate the five lost wizards of Silica, convince them to return to the Kingdom AND bring Durward, Warden of the Doors, Master Maker of Portals, and Cursed One out of exile. Simple! Join this magical adventure full of wizards, dragons, elemental creatures, and enchanted glass.

Somersault Heaven

A volume that contains two separate two-chapter series. 1) Chuugaeri Heaven The magician's past has affected him in a way that he must tie everything important to him - literally. Can a special girl break through his ribbons? 2) Hitotsubu no Shizuku yori They almost had a relationship in middle school. Now they've met again in college... can they remember their past together? Source: Nagareboshi Manga:

Alice's Dream Files

Alice is a dream decipher. She notices that the class president has been sleeping a lot in class recently, so together with her rabbit partner, she enters his dream and hope to find out the cause... (Source: MU)

Ami! Nonstop

Ami is a normal school girl. One day with her friends, she got stopped for an interview by a camera crew who thought Ami was really cute. Shortly afterwards, Ami meets a blond boy who goes to her school named Nozomu. He seems to show some interest in her too. However, after she went to the 'Darwin', a group of two boy singers, concert, she met another Nozomu. Very soon after the encounter with Darwin, she then got roped into the entertainment world as there were many people already interested in her from her live interview, who she later also became interested in. (from MangaArt)

Start With A Happy Ending

In an instant, a host of the recently deceased discover that they've been given another shot at happiness...as adorable cats! Will they make the most of their seven-day opportunity? Or will the fur fly as they struggle to figure out what life's all about? (Source: DMP)

To Die Tomorrow,

An anthology series that follows the struggles of women who are now in their forties.

Hitsujigaoka koko yakyubu no kiseki

Misato Shiina, the manager of the baseball club at Hitsujigaoka High School, is a girl full of fighting spirit who played baseball as a player until junior high school. However, the important members and directors are ingrained in losing dog guts. Meanwhile, if you let her transfer student Tachibana, who was watching her practice, hold the bat just for a trial, this is a great talent! In fact, Tachibana was a former fourth batter at the prestigious Koryo Gakuen, but she was fired for some reason ... The author's true essence, spokon youth baseball romance to the muddy smell!

Magic Soda Pop

These sodas will give you more than just a sugar high -- they're full to the brim with magical powers! When Alaina discovers they can give her a boost in school, one sip is just too good to resist. But one drink leads to another, and soon she's on a slippery slope to unintended consequences. Can Alaina get herself dry, or will she lose everything to the fizzy feeling of magic soda pop?

The Blue Library

Desperate to get her hands on a gown she saw on her way home from school, Hina jumps into "Aoiro Toshokan" for a part-time work. There, she ends up working under the Library Director who is also an author known as Shimokomoriya. Thus begins Hinas's boring days with the handful Sensei. Also included is a one-shot titled "2-nen H-gumi Gakkou no Susume".
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