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Rita Hoshiyama is a second year in middle school and claims to be a rock musician! However, her parents disagree and insist that Rita take up cooking and their family business. But when Sakuya-kun, her idol and family's new dishwasher, ask her to do a live performance the next day, she couldn't help but agree! The problem is, there's only two people in her band... (Source: In The Water)

Gunryoku No Shigure

A historical story set during the early Edo period focusing on young samurai Rintarou Nakatani and his friends. (Source: Comic Natalie)

Chiisako No Niwa

A collection of stories that revolves around Chiisako and the humans around them. Garden 1 - A little girl's unexpected meeting in the secret garden of their new house. Garden 2 - A romance novelist and an editor's mountain trip together. Garden 3 - A withdrawn teenage boy saves a girl from a crow. Garden 4 - The tipping point of the relationship between a young wife and her older husband. Garden 5 - An author's precious memory involving a prince.

Airin Dream

Reimi is your poor middle school girl who yerned to meet a rich guy and marry off rich. Meet Airin, a strange girl who so happens to be rich, but dosn't even look or act like it! Watch as Reimi and Airin turn each other's world upside down! Welcome to a world filled with cuteness, craziness, and comedy! (Source: B-U Manga)

Forbidden Dance

When a young girl loses her confidence to dance, she fears she'll never set foot on the stage again. But then she falls in love with an all-guy avant-garde dance troupe and their leader...and everything changes. Soon, her primary goal in life is to join the troupe and snag the guy. So what if she's missing a Y-chromosome? She's got spunk, skill, and passion--and, in the end, she hopes that love will conquer all. (Source: )

I am not a housemaid, Maid ja Nai Mon! Sweet Kiss

The story follows a 14-year-old girl who has to work as a maid at a magnate's mansion, due to her mother's last will and testament. (Source: MU)

Bakuretsu Utahime 21

My name is Hanamura Megu, and a whirlwind circumstance landed me on a star search audition!! Once on stage, I had so much fun, and I was like one with the audience. Sadly, nobody walked away a winner. But me and three other girls caught the attention of a charismatic producer, and now he's giving us intensive training...!? (Summary from Shoujomagic)

Shin Megami Tensei Apocrypha: War of the Dove

Hato no Senki tells the story of a young man named Hato Yokoyama that plays a game called DDS-NET in which players can fight against demons. He encounters a Pixie being attacked by other demons and protects her. When the game prompts him to kill her to receive an item, he refuses and discovers a strange symbol has appeared on his hand. This symbol teleports him to an area where he meets a young girl that Hato assumes to be an NPC. Cu Chulainn appears addressing the girl as princess and assumes Hato is another demon. His demeanor changes when he discovers the icon on Hato's hand and explains that Hato is the Messiah. He asks Hato to become his ally in protecting the princess.
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