Isekai Saikouhou no Guild Leader

I thought that if I reincarnated, I would be able to build a happy harem and be peerless in another world...! ! The guild that was created on a whim has become the pinnacle guild of strong men. Moreover, except for me, everyone is handsome and beautiful. I'm the weakest in the guild... can I quit the guild now? The opening of the dark fantasy of the lethargic hero and the guild members who adore him at the level of worship

The Case In Which Streaming In Another World Led To The Creation Of A Massive Yandere Following

Living in Ataraxia, a world of swords and magic, a reincarnated individual decided to make a living out of streaming. Living in a world where such a thing did not exist despite the many forms of entertainment, he quickly made a name for himself. This is not the tale of just a streamer… but of a boy who becomes a legend as a haishinsha. (Source: Novelupdates)

Battle Nurse

Marco, a boy who admires healers who support warriors and heals all. In order to make his dream come true, he enrolls in a nursing school, "San Castello," which specializes in training healers. However, when he entered the school, it was a world where females were 90% and males only 10%! And what's more, contrary to the fun school life he hoped for, this school has various courses which will put his own life at risk! What fate will fall upon our plucky protagonist is…!? A little naughty struggle featuring the sweat and tears of a shota aiming to be a Healer!!!!

The Reclusive Hero: Journey From Seclusion To City

The Overpowered Protagonist: Shang Ye, the overpowered protagonist who secluded himself in the remote mountains, has arrived at the metropolis full of beauties. He is disguised as a bodyguard to investigate a secret from ten years ago. The Overpowered Protagonist He Is Exceptional He is Long Aotian I'm Gary Stu The Reclusive Hero: Journey from Seclusion to City 他是龙傲天

The Secret Bedroom of the Forsaken Princess

Princess Llewelyn, who was once an outstanding but now miserably abandoned. Her ugly curse is placed upon her, and no one protects her. It is a curse which makes her lust for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom in the end... Four men are entangled with the abandoned princess. Her childhood friend Armandite, who returned as a hero of the Holy Sword; Commander Tristan, who is as blunt as a rock, but somehow wanders around her; beautiful but somehow twisted, Holy Priest Ernel; and, watching her, ‘someone.’ Will the truth of the curse be revealed? And who will be the man who will end up with her?

Akage no Toa to Tsume no Kishidan

Toa, a knight girl who has risen to the rank of captain of the Royal Knights. For some reason, she raises her hand to the royal family and is expelled from the Royal Knights. Toa is transferred to St. Dorothea's Burial Ground, a dangerous cemetery where only male prisoners are sent. Toa enters the funeral garden dressed as a man to protect herself, and meets a group of sinners called the "Knights of Sin. A dark fantasy of a reverse-Harsh x dark fantasy with a male-dressed girl knight and sinners with strong personalities begins!

My Harem Is Entirely Female Demon Villains

Adapted from the novel [After Being Proposed To By The Villain]. A human being from another world, crossed over as a hero… into the bed of the female demon villain?! If I hadn’t established marriage contracts with all the villains in the game before crossing over into its word, I’d be a dead man. Now the villains are pestering me, making me assist them in dominating the world, contending for my hand in marriage, what should I do?! Stuck in the game… emergency!!!

Yin-Yang Converting Merchant

Adapted from the novel [Nether Market Merchant]. Mastering the yin/yang of life and death, manipulating the three realms, cocky and face-slapping, loli protecting, nether mining, royal beauty dating: he’s the first online merchant of hell, whom the devils call daddy upon sight.

Hero-kun Won't Set Out!

The Hero is expected by God and the People to defeat the Demon King!! And now its time to set out!! ...But before he can he is tempted by a thick sexy bunny girl! At the mercy of the Bunny girl's wiles he is unable to depart... Furthermore a Priest of the church charms him with her night skills... Will the Hero ever be able to set out on his journey?

Another world harem using the cheat skill "dominance"!

One day, the protagonist suddenly transferred to another world. "It looks like the world of the anime I was watching last night, but when I tried to imitate the hero of the anime, the status screen appeared in front of me! I was surprised by the high specs of my abilities, but I was shocked when I saw the name on the status screen! Surprisingly, I am a small fry character [fake hero] who is defeated by the main character in the early stages!" Knowing that his role is "a fake hero to be defeated by a hero", the hero abandons the empty life in his original world and lives a short life as a"fake hero" in a harem until the real hero defeats him. Make up your mind!
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