Isn’t It Okay If I’m A Neet And I’m Taken Care Of By A Cute Guild Master?

Wilhelm is a lazy, reclusive aristocrat with superb sword and magic talents. On his father’s orders, he is sent to work for a failed adventurers’ guild, where he meets Anya, the beautiful, pure-hearted, angelic guild leader. Anya, who has always admired Wilhelm, is kind to him and takes good care of him, and with the power of love, he easily gives up his NEET status! In order to help Anya, he shows his talent and true value all over the place without any restraint at all! A NEET boy awakens to become the strongest adventurer! A sweet fantasy adventure tale where you will be loved and loved to the hilt by the healthy and beautiful guildmaster!

Tune In to the Midnight Heart

"Late at night, alone on my bed, your voice was the only thing that saved me. I want to talk to you again. There's something I want to say." Without knowing her real name or face, Yamabuki Arisu, a second-year high school student, was looking for a girl named "Apollo'' who was a livestreamer. However, one day, Arisu gets a clue about Apollo from the broadcast club of the high school where she is going. There were 4 beautiful girls who dreamed of "getting a job related to voice"!! Who is Apollo? What will happen to the dreams of the four people? A cute yet hard-working success romantic comedy begins here!!

S-kyuu Kanteishi na no ni Party Tsuihousareta no de Nekomimi Musume to Nougyou Slow Life Shiyou to Omoimasu. Modotte Kitte to Iwarete mo Mou Osoi – Ohitoyoshi wa Mujikaku ni Nariagaru

Salt, an S-class appraiser, is expelled from the party after the leader says, ``My dream is to have a harem.'' Tired of being treated unfairly due to his unpaid job, he decided to retire as an adventurer. He decided to run a farm with his cat-eared partner, Shu, and live a slow life. However, just then, he is accused of something he doesn't remember and is put on the blacklist of his guild. If things continue like this, I won't be able to buy proper land, and I won't be able to return to being an adventurer. What did Salt and his friends do when they were cornered? He was supposed to have been exiled, but when he realized he was in a harem state!? A fantasy of an upstart who doesn't realize it!

The Assistant Mage Parts Ways With His Power Abusive Alchemist Childhood Friend and His Being Told to Have "Low Chance of Gathering Materials," and Wants to Start a Slow Life at a Town in the Remote Region

The Assistant Mage of the genius alchemist Ruby—Lloyd has an abnormally low chance of gathering materials for alchemy use. Hence, he is treated as baggage and is made to be the bottom of the entire country’s joke. Everyday is a day he is scolded by Ruby. It’s become too much of a despairing environment that he’s come to hate it. And so, he finally decided to part ways with her. However, unbeknownst to everyone was that the materials Lloyd gathered were all high-grade materials no one else could gather. The mage, who was treated as “incompetent” and saw himself as such, now aims for an ideal easy going life!

Seven Sleeping Beauties

When I went to wake up the princess who was put to sleep by the witch's curse... there were 7 people!! I don't know why, but it seems like I can't wake up unless I kiss...7 people!? It's great that I woke up the princess, but the others never wake up...why!? Is there a secret in the kiss, or is something still missing...? Alek, the third prince of Rudbeckia, who wants to save the small country of Amaryllis, and the seven princesses of Amaryllis. In a country where they are the only ones awake, a life together begins to save everyone from the curse!!

Chou Nankan Dungeon De 10-mannen Shugyou Shita Kekka, Sekai Saikyou Ni: Saijaku Munou No Gekokujou

[The most incompetent person in the world] Kai Heineman received this gift at the age of 13. However, due to the effect of the gift, Kai's physical abilities are significantly reduced... Due to bullying from those around him who believe in gift supremacy, Kai decides to leave the country, but during his journey, he gets lost in a dungeon where he is given the "Trial of the Gods"...? An exhilarating unrivaled fantasy by a boy who was once called incompetent, begins its comical version!

The Otherworldly Survival Diary of a Young Man with Creature Girls.

関東にある某大学理学部生物学科にて、異世界のクリ娘ハーレム王を目指す栗結大輔とともに学ぶ社会不適合のヘタレオタク・織津江大志は、ある日突然、異世界に転移。 早々にして、コカトリスの群れに襲われるが、そこは織津江流古武術の継承者にして、サバイバル術の熟達者。 問題を次々とクリアリングしていくが、そこにクリ娘達が現れて…。

I’ve Become A Holy Knight, But The Commander’s Breasts Are Too Amazing To Cleanse My Soul

The aspiring sword master, Ruga, was chosen to join the Order of the Holy Knights due to his sincerity and swordsmanship prowess. He is assigned to the Sixth Order, rumored to be a "living hell," and prepares himself for tough times. However, he ends up meeting the big-breasted Commander, Leon Myrie, who says "Welcome, Ruga. You are the only male knight of the Sixth Order." Looking at his right, he saw big breasts, at his left, beautiful women! Will Ruga's reason last in the face of this inescapable Order?!

Hero of the Rebellion: Use Your Skills to Control the Mind and Body of the Maddened Princess

When Sasahara Shinta was suddenly summoned to another world with the objective of subjugating the Demon Lord, he makes full use of his cheat skill that sees people’s status and tries taking a look at the Princess who summoned him, but when he did, it says that the Hero is arranged to be assassinated after the Demon Lord’s subjugation. That’s right, this is a shitty otherworld where the Hero’s life is treated like dirt. To avoid being assassinated, Shinta pretends to submit, but…

Geist X Revenant: I, a Trash Mob, Evolved My Geist Partner Into a Beautiful Girl and Made Her the Strongest!

"I'll turn the tables on the main character!" Yohei Mochizuki, a new student at a [geist] user school, was bullied by his classmates because his geist partner, a [Goblin] by the name of Gobubi, was weak and ugly. However, one day he discovered a "wiki" and realized that he was living inside a game world, and his situation changed for the better! "No more tears. Let's take revenge on the main character together." Yohei took full advantage of knowledge about the game to evolve Gobubi into the strongest natural beauty! With this, he can look back at his classmates and stand next to the senpai of his dreams! But just as he was finally able to obtain happiness, but then I was suddenly challenged to subjugate a domain boss by a beautiful foreign exchange student...are these problems that happen as you get stronger? This is the fairy tale story of a boy who resists fate as the game's loser character and the weakest [Goblin], who together, aim to become the strongest!

I Grind Dungeons Around the World

Su Mu traveled to a parallel world, where everyone in this world will be forced to enter the game space when they are eighteen years old and become a challenger! Start various types of survival games in space! Hide and Seek! Become the victor..

The Case About Two Sisters Becoming Extremely Obsessed With Me After I Saved Them

Arisa and Aina are beautiful classmates who are famous for their dislike of men. Hayato, who happened to be involved with the two, will receive "special treatment" from the girls who are supposed to hate men―?! "I want to be a slave to Hayato-sama... "I want to fall in love and conceive his child." The long-awaited comicalization of the unpredictable rich romantic comedy has started!

The Amazing Village Creator: Slow Living with the Village Building Cheat Skill

Presented with the strange Gift of Village Building, Luke, the son of a lord, is cast out of the domain in shame. He arrives in a barren land with plans to develop it as well as he can, and to live a simple, quiet life...when suddenly his mysterious Gift activates! Enjoy Luke’s amazing, slow life, and watch as his village grows, his Gift levels up, and his village-building capabilities transform in this new comedic series!

Divine Emperor

The peak cultivator of his era was reborn under a scheme. using his experience from his past life, he trampled over geniuses and experts, usurped gods and deities, to take back what was once his.

Tenka Musou no Otome-tachi ga Ore no Kodane wo Ubaiatteimasu!!!!!

Shinichi is the only son of Japan's strongest female martial artist Takako Gotenji. But I hate seeing people get hurt, so it's not like I'm going to do martial arts, and I definitely won't pass down the dojo! I'm determined. Five beautiful girls suddenly appear in front of Shinichi. They were fierce fighting girls who were scouted to inherit the dojo! However, in fact, they are Shinichi's bride candidates, and the condition for getting married is to squeeze his ○○...?

The "Spirit Master" Who Was Called Incompetent: In the Spirit World, He Was a Legendary Hero

In the hero party, he was treated as an unreasonable piece of junk, but he's loved by the spirit princesses! Young man Univas who contributed the most to the defeat of the Demon King by the hero party, using his ability to bond with spirits called "Spirit Taming". However, he is expelled from the party by the hero Braveban and his group, who do not recognize his talent, and loses his job. Univas was in despair, but he meets his old acquaintance, the Wind Spirit Princess Tifon, in a fateful reunion at the "Spirit Wedding" ceremony where the hero and the spirit princess get married...?
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