Witch and Hound

Amelia, a kingdom of war and magic led by Queen Amelia, monopolizes the extraordinary power of "magic" and repeatedly invades other countries in a time of war. Even in the prosperous "small country Campusfellow", known for its farms and blacksmiths, the flames of war are approaching. If things go on like this, Campus Fellows will perish. For the sake of the country's survival , Lord "Vad Grace" decides to take a devious measure by recruiting into his ranks a group of vicious "Witches" who are known as "disasters", who have left behind numerous terrifying tales. Raised as an assassin, "Black Hound," who has been trained in all kinds of assassination techniques, the boy throws himself into the impossible tasks to protect his country and lord. A magnificent dark fantasy epic, skillfully woven by the genius Kamitsuki Rainy and beautifully illustrated by Tsukahara Minori, the artist behind 'Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hyouketsu no Kizuna,' proudly begins!

Goze Hotaru

After losing her mother early on, Hotaru, a girl surrounded by warmth and tranquility, finds her life taking a dramatic turn. An unexpected event draws her into the world of “Goze,” setting her on a path through unknown lands with music as her guide. Armed with her talent and a heart full of questions, she embarks on a quest, seeking her missing father and her true calling...!

Dungeon Defense

[Adapted from one of the top novels of all time!] When his total scumbags of parents die, he finds himself with a mysterious inheritance of 500 million yen. Deciding to do whatever he likes from then on, the boy enters the most challenging online game, “Dungeon Attack” , where he becomes the first to unlock the achievement of Defeating all the Demon Lords. However, when he answers a mysterious question that appears after completing the game, he suddenly finds himself sent into the game world. He had been Reincarnated as “Dantalian,” the Lowest and Weakest Demon Lord, Ranked 71st in the game world! With nothing but his memory of defeating the strongest Demon Lord and his eloquence to rely on, he fights to survive in this Brutal World – This is a Story of Comeback and Revenge!

Human Mask

Masks are art, dance is martial arts! The despised mask dancer ‘Bongsan’ follows the map left by his master To stop the monster tiger ‘Saphung Black Tiger’ who wants to become king He sets out on an adventure to find the legendary ‘Human Mask’…

Strongest Level 1

The raid failed. In a desperate situation, facing the dungeon boss's self-destruction, Lee Geonwoo is left alone in the boss room due to a teammate's betrayal. Just when he thought everything was over, he coincidentally obtained a dagger. Afterwards, his life completely changes... He managed to save his life, but his hard-earned level returned to 1. -'Mosquito' has been caught. -Level has increased. It's clear that the level has increased, but why does the level remain the same?

Apex Gamer Returns

"Bai Qi", an unknown game anchor, is about to reach the pinnacle of his life when he accidentally dies while streaming a game called "Soul Throne". Unexpectedly, he is reborn into the world of this high-difficulty action game. With his "T0-Level" game skills from his previous life and the blessing of the system's "100 Full-Achieved Max-Level Accounts", can Bai Qi ascend to the throne once again and become the one and only king of that world?

Madougu no Shuuriya Hajimemashita

Setsu is a high school girl who is summoned to another world. But it seems that she was just caught up in the summoning of a "hero"! She is banished from the royal castle for having no talents, but somehow manages to start a life in the royal capital. But living on your own for the first time can be tough. The food tastes terrible! And she also fails miserably at her job. But then her talent as a magic item craftsman is discovered! A hard-working girl carves out her own destiny! A different-world fantasy, begins!

Hazure Skill "Soine" ga Kakuseishi, Boku ga Saikyou Harem wo Kizuku Made ~Micchaku Soine de Ganbou Kaihou!? Yuuwakusare Makutte Komattemasu!!~

Regnard defies expectations by enrolling in the esteemed Royal Academy of Lasarzia despite being a dropout. However, during the Blessing Ceremony, he receives a peculiar skill called "Blessing of Sleeping Together," leading to ridicule from classmates. Despite the mockery, Regnard discovers the true potential of this skill when he spends the night with Frost, an honor student. This revelation leads to unexpected adventures and a harem fantasy, as Regnard navigates the challenges of his newfound abilities and hidden desires.

Teacher, we will destroy the world!

A "Teacher" has a sacred job that protects and guides students. In this world where people who can use magic and people who cannot use magic coexist, Solo is a sorcerer who lives alone. He is also known as No. 0, a skilled assassin who always completes any request he receives. "As part of a certain mission, I am assigned to teach at a magic school, and the teenagers I am assigned to teach are the students of the Class 2D, which is made up of dropouts." While he is desperately playing the role of a teacher in order to complete his mission, a transfer student arrives and the situation takes an unexpected turn... A school fantasy unfolding between a false teacher and the strongest assassin and the most evil students who serve as his "beacon"!

SSS Grade Saint Knight

The game descended on reality, monsters run rampant, magical disasters overflow, everyone needs to choose a class and level up to become stronger. Zhou Yi who has been unremarkable until now awakened the S+ rank talent Protection of the Sacred Angel on the day of class awakening, turning his class into the hidden class Sacred Knight! Weapon blessing, angel blessing, honor blessing… With all sorts of buffs, Zhou Yi destroyed the space itself with just his aura. Who was it that said sacred knight is just a mundane class?

Upgrade From Wild Monsters

fter Lu Chen entered the cranial neuron quantum transferring game《Empyrean God Realm》—he found himself stripped of his human character, becoming the weakest wild monster in the game, a “Weak Gnoll.” Facing players who are ready to use him to level up, Lu Chen lifts the broken Gnoll club and starts to upgrade from a Lv.1 Gnoll. As Lu Chen keeps on killing more and more species, gaining new talents, and levelling up talents, his status keeps getting enhanced. Normal, Strong, Super strong… Soon enough, he…

The weakest job becomes the strongest in the world with past life knowledge

A young wizard dominates with the knowledge from his past life, breaking through level limits! The strongest wizard, Roy, is reincarnated into the future as a young boy, Yuug. However, magic has declined since then, and wizards are considered the weakest class. With the knowledge of magic from his past life and his extreme-level abilities, Yuug embarks on his second life's adventure... (Synopsis taken from the raw pixiv site)

The Trainer Lives Surrounded by Monsters ~ Abandoned by the Hero Party, He Became the Strongest after Meeting with a Legendary Monster ~

Ryu was left behind by his childhood friend's heroic party, who told him that they could not take a trainer with them. He runs a ranch in the village, but spends his days feeling unworthy. One day, he saves a wolf from a trap in the forest... I like you. The wolf he rescued was actually Fenrir, a legendary demon! The elder of the pack has lost his magical powers and was looking for someone to help him. No ordinary trainer can heal him, but Ryu has magical powers that exceed even those of the hero's childhood friend...? After successfully saving the elder, Ryu learns how to handle the enormous amount of magical power that could destroy him. He is adored by Fenrir's flock and becomes an extraordinary trainer!

The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind

"Demon King Zich Moore, become someone who does good in your next life!" The hero shouted to the Demon King of Strength, Zich, as the Demon King met his demise. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself back as Zich Steelwill, before he became the demon king. He had no desire to become the successor or the Demon King in this life. Then what? Yeah! Maybe I’ll do "good" like that hero said! But how do you do that? The former Demon King of Strength was unfamiliar with the concept of "kindness."


In the otherworldly city of Delta, its grotesque residents sustain themselves by consuming human energy...! This gritty, action-packed tale marks the first full series from the up-and-coming talent who captivated audiences with the one-shots “Death Salmon Hunter” and “Composter Funeral”!

Utakata ni Kami wa Madoromu

The boy who was forced to flee his homeland will be given either the power to resist or the power of a glorious god. In the Far East, in the island nation of Takamenbaru, where the gods are the ones who command us. All those born into this world must have a spirit in their bodies. Except for Akira, the eldest son of the prestigious Amezuki family. This unique, authentic Japanese-style action drama is about to begin!
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