Eternally Regressing Knight

"You're a genius." Those words he heard as a child were poison. Encrid dreamed of becoming a knight, but he soon realized it was futile. "You want to live by the sword with that level of skill?" Some laughed at him. "Just give up." Some advised him against it. Despite that, his dream remained steadfast. He slept less, ran more, and trained harder. One day, he died, having been stabbed in the neck. Encrid opened his eyes again to "today's" morning.

I Rely on My Invincibility to Deal Tons of Damage Passively!

In his previous life, Cheng Qianmo attained the prestigious title of 'God' across all professions in the game 'Genesis,' poised to ascend to the pinnacle of the gaming world. However, just when he stood on the cusp of becoming the game's top player, he suffered a regrettable defeat. Yet, fate granted Cheng Qianmo a second chance as he unexpectedly traversed into a world with a setting eerily identical to 'Genesis,' a world where everyone could switch professions freely. Armed with the god-tier title across all professions, he resolves to rectify his past regrets, embarking on a path no one has ever tread before.

Invincible in the Apocalypse: I’m The Only Beta Player

Five years ago, the online game “Star Brilliance” unexpectedly manifested into reality. Ye Chen, the only surviving beta-test player, tragically met his end due to his own naivety and folly. However, perhaps favored by destiny, on the brink of death, he found himself transported back to a time before “Star Brilliance” descended upon the world. In this life, he is determined to rectify all the mistakes he made in his past life, vowing never to repeat them. Even if it means standing against the world itself!

Ossan Yuusha wa Kajiya de Slow Life Hajimemashita

The old man's new occupation is...a blacksmith! One day, office worker Heiji was suddenly summoned to another world as a "decoration hero" with no unique skills. After retiring from his job as a hero, he decided to start a blacksmith business at the age of 40! The dragon girl Cruel and the white wolf girl Suu also come to the forge and enjoy a happy slow life. On the other hand, in the royal palace where Heiji is gone, the quality of the weapons produced begins to decline...? A heartwarming slow life story of a brave old man enjoying his second life!

The Executioner

A hero should never kill anyone, not even the worst of villains. Gangyu could never understand why his team of heroes lived by those words, but he tried his best to do the same… until the villain who wiped out his squad killed his brother in prison. Gangyu breaks his vow and enters Ruculus with permission to kill as the prison’s executioner. Now, he must fight his way through the villains to kill the worst of them all.

Real World Mobile

Gang-u Choi is an ordinary high school student who likes video games. One day, he hears that his favorite game store is going out of business. When he visits the shop one last time, the store owner hands him a QR code for a mobile game. Gang-u starts up the game out of curiosity, but something feels off…. His mission is to drink 3 glasses of water?! When he decides to ignore the mission, he suddenly receives a penalty in real life! As the missions get more dangerous, will Gang-u be able to protect his reality?

Hebigami-sama to Nagamimi no Miko

Mizuha, the old elf god, works as a shrine maiden at a shrine dedicated to the snake god. She is always being swayed by a free-spirited and worldly god. The interspecies comedy of the uneven duo brought to you by Okamura of “The Lizard Explodes” opens!!

The Listeners Tricked Me Into Doing an Escape RTA From the Lowest Level of the Dungeon!

A dungeon explorer, or dungeon tuber, is a person who explores dungeons while streaming. On his first day of broadcasting, a rookie dungeon tuber, Sekai Kotoba, is accidentally transported to the lowest level of the dungeon, which he has not yet explored. The bottom level is a sea of lava, and he is suddenly doomed! He is level 2, his skills are non-combat related, and he has no knowledge of dungeons. The only people he can rely on are the listeners on the feed! Aim for the upper levels by relying on the comments!

In The Name of Mermaid Princess

A lonely mermaid princess and a young man from another country. The encounter between these two will change their destines. A story about acceptance.

Do you want to create the strongest dungeon, Mr. Alchemist who was expelled?

Rick, an alchemist who was banished from the strongest heroes' party, is wandering the wilds alone, when he saves a beautiful woman. It turns out that she is a dungeon spirit! Rick makes a contract with her and becomes the dungeon master. Now he is determined to create a dungeon that will defeat all the heroes!

The King Of Snow

The stars shift, the blizzard persists, the icy apocalypse is imminent, food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dilemma, under the distortion of human nature, has desire given birth to monsters? How to break out of adversity and find a way to survive!

Maxed Strength Stats Necromancer

Qiao Yu enters the world of the meta-Universe and gains the hidden class of a Necromancer. Unfortunately, his initial intelligence and spirit stats are both at 0, and he even draws a strangely unique talent. In a fit of anger, Qiao Yu puts all his attribute points into strength! Who says a Necromancer can't engage in hand-to-hand combat? As Qiao Yu punches the World serpent, Yemojia, to death, players in the meta-Universe are driven mad. Bro, please, stop brawling! You're a Necromancer! Just summon an undead, please!

Genius Martial Arts Trainer

During the great pandemic, my gym went under. While desperately trying to make ends meet, I possessed a character in Murim. I was excited to see that I was in the Shaolin Temple, but what the hell? Everyone’s bodies are wrecked from working out the wrong way! How can I just sit back and watch when I used to be a personal trainer?! I’ll teach you the correct, modern exercise methods and heal you all with low-frequency treatment and infrared therapy using inner energy! X Days until the Shaolin Gym opens

Tensei Shitara, Nanka Taoyarerun desu ga

Rui Ezaki, a black company employee, is hit by a truck on his way home and is reincarnated by God into another world called ``Rubel''. The body he was reincarnated into was that of the youngest son of a noble family named Eltido Resis Adostrum. All of his family members are beautiful men and women, and he is extremely loved and has a genius magical talent! A super fulfilling second life begins now! An exhilarating “reliable” fantasy!

The Witch and the Mercenary

Zig—a tall, broad-shouldered mercenary—participates in a witch hunt. Following a fierce duel with the deadly witch, he becomes privy to her desire. “I want you to protect me,” she requests, tired of having her life trivialized. Seeking a place to survive, the witch and the mercenary set their sights on an unknown continent!

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become the Source of Tragedy Will Devote Herself for the Sake of the People. ~To the Savior~

At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pride. Her fighting strength is high because she’s the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the most powerful first princess in a matriarchal country. Since she brings misfortune to all that surrounds her, what awaits is a future of ruination! …really, wouldn’t it be better if I died? In this case, I’ll avoid destruction from the capture target and freely use my authority and cheat abilities to save everyone!
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