Heisei Surviving Soldier ⭐ Sumire-chan

A formerly unsuccessful idol turned vagrant, “Sumire-chan” (31 y.o.)A vanquished survivor of the cutthroat competition in the showbiz world, with her mind and body both beaten by the struggle, she now lives in a run-down apartment where she spends her days lazing around, for the time being. Her cousin “Yuusei”, a first-year highschooler, has been keeping an eye on her and comes to her with a proposal for a moneymaking idea.”You have a nice body, so let’s release a doujin gravure photobook.”Will Sumire-chan actually be able to stage a comeback in the world of the Reiwa era!? Let’s stay tuned!

Our Banri will be in your care

[A romantic comedy set in the entertainment industry.] Nanase, a university student, is forced by unavoidable circumstances to work as a temporary manager for hotshot actor Narita Banri. On the outside, Banri is an attractive, refreshing, and good-natured young man. However, behind the scenes, he is a mischievous and arrogant celebrity towards his management. Nanase and Banri clashes heads every second they spend alone together, but they never forget to act cheerful and professional in public. Could there be any romantic feelings behind all their ruthless bickering?

Akumade Kujaku no Hanashi desu.

Kuji Yakurou is a teacher who was cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend because of his "lack of masculinity". Shouldn't the world be gender-free? He is in anguish, and then Akano, a model, influencer, high achiever, and head of the biology department, appears before him and asks him to be the advisor of the biology department. She then begins to explain why "masculinity" is necessary to be popular after all, using the flamboyant feathers of a peacock as an example of "biology"...! This is a biological comedy that confronts you with the brutal truth!

Madougu no Shuuriya Hajimemashita

Setsu is a high school girl who is summoned to another world. But it seems that she was just caught up in the summoning of a "hero"! She is banished from the royal castle for having no talents, but somehow manages to start a life in the royal capital. But living on your own for the first time can be tough. The food tastes terrible! And she also fails miserably at her job. But then her talent as a magic item craftsman is discovered! A hard-working girl carves out her own destiny! A different-world fantasy, begins!

Hazure Skill "Soine" ga Kakuseishi, Boku ga Saikyou Harem wo Kizuku Made ~Micchaku Soine de Ganbou Kaihou!? Yuuwakusare Makutte Komattemasu!!~

Regnard defies expectations by enrolling in the esteemed Royal Academy of Lasarzia despite being a dropout. However, during the Blessing Ceremony, he receives a peculiar skill called "Blessing of Sleeping Together," leading to ridicule from classmates. Despite the mockery, Regnard discovers the true potential of this skill when he spends the night with Frost, an honor student. This revelation leads to unexpected adventures and a harem fantasy, as Regnard navigates the challenges of his newfound abilities and hidden desires.

Teacher, we will destroy the world!

A "Teacher" has a sacred job that protects and guides students. In this world where people who can use magic and people who cannot use magic coexist, Solo is a sorcerer who lives alone. He is also known as No. 0, a skilled assassin who always completes any request he receives. "As part of a certain mission, I am assigned to teach at a magic school, and the teenagers I am assigned to teach are the students of the Class 2D, which is made up of dropouts." While he is desperately playing the role of a teacher in order to complete his mission, a transfer student arrives and the situation takes an unexpected turn... A school fantasy unfolding between a false teacher and the strongest assassin and the most evil students who serve as his "beacon"!

The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind

"Demon King Zich Moore, become someone who does good in your next life!" The hero shouted to the Demon King of Strength, Zich, as the Demon King met his demise. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself back as Zich Steelwill, before he became the demon king. He had no desire to become the successor or the Demon King in this life. Then what? Yeah! Maybe I’ll do "good" like that hero said! But how do you do that? The former Demon King of Strength was unfamiliar with the concept of "kindness."

Thermae Romae redux

The year is 158 AD, and the Roman Empire thrives under the 20th year of Emperor Antoninus Pius’s reign. Lucius, a Roman bathhouse architect, is now sixty years old and plagued with back pain. His wife Satsuki has mysteriously disappeared, his son, Marius, is beyond comprehension...and to top it off, he still has the Roman bathhouses to worry about! 20 years after the end of the series, Lucius now 60 years old in the year 158 AD has undergone a midlife crisis and his wife from present day Japan Satsuki disappeared leaving him with his now adult son who never understands him. As he deals with more problems with his life, Lucius once again is transported to modern-day Japan through a bathhouse, leaving him with more adventures that await him.

The Novice Alchemist's Store

For an orphan who had no family for the rest of their life, the only way to become an upstart was to obtain the national qualification as an alchemist. After graduating from the Royal Alchemist Training School, which acknowledged nothing but ability, my master (teacher) gave me the right to open my own shop as a graduation present. After being sent off by my generous master, I, Sarasa, set out with a dream of having a slightly elegant life as an alchemist. But… As soon as I arrived at my destination, I was shocked. Because… I arrived in a ‘very rural’ area that was beyond my imagination. However, if I couldn’t run my shop in this place, I wouldn’t be able to make a living…

Akanabe-sensei Doesn't Know about Embarrassment

Koki Sakieda is an assistant for Akira Akanabe, a manga artist he admires, who always tries to praise him in some way. Sakieda is worried that he will end up falling in love with her if this situation continues. Then Akanabe unexpectedly asks him to go out with her... The story depicts the daily life of Akanabe-sensei, who lavishes praise on Sakieda without embarrassment, and Sakieda, who tries to accept it all gracefully.

I Was Transferred To Another World And Became A Teacher, But I'm Feared As A Witch: Aoi-sensei's Academy Struggle Log

Aoi is a new teacher who has been transported to another world. Aoi is picked up by Owen, an elf, and as they live together, Aoi masters more and more of Owen's magic and even surpasses him. In order to refine her magic further, she is assigned to teach at the Fiddick Academy, a school of magic! Aoi starts her teaching career showcasing overwhelming magical abilities, and she is not daunted by the aristocratic troublemakers who dominate the academy. However, her abilities have become the talk of the school... Aoi's life as a new teacher at the academy begins with a tumultuous start...!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Extra Story - How to Spend a Certain Vacation

Warning: This Spinoff manga has spoilers from the Light Novel. After successfully completing the Founding Festival, which includes meetings with the leaders of various countries, a martial arts tournament, technology presentations, and the unveiling of the underground labyrinth, the peaceful daily life in Tempest has returned. Then, Veldora begins to say, "I'm also thinking of developing magic beasts", and the three of them, including Rimuru and Hinata, who are interested in developing new magic, head for the Magic Tower, the sacred place of magic...? This work is based on the Light Novel, and the timeline is from the end of Volume 9 to the beginning of Volume 10.

The World of SKK Girls

In a mysterious world devoid of humans, Katana, Saya, and Kodachi are three inseparable friends. Their days are filled with laughter and games in the eerie quiet. But beneath this calm, an obscure presence lurks in the shadows…?! From the creator of “Muto to Sato,” Akatsuka-sensei, comes a new, uncharted adventure—innocence meets mystery in a world unknown!

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo

The creator of Samon the Summoner returns to Jump with a new series about a super-powered policeman! In Chinjuku, the city that never sleeps, there is a psychic senior police officer who has powers beyond human comprehension! His name is Meguru Chojo! Along with his judo expert partner Nao Ippongi, this hilarious duo will keep the streets clean by any means necessary!

RED: Living On the Edge

Set in nineteenth-century America, Red is the last living survivor of a Native American tribe that was slaughtered by white men. On a long journey in search of revenge, he travels with Iero Ito, a samurai who ran away to America after being defeated in the Seinan civil war, and Angie, a mysterious prostitute. The bonds of friendship between the three are touching. Although it is all fiction, the story seems very real as it is based on actual battles between US troops, Apaches and other tribes.

Is It Because of Love That I Can't Resist?

Misuzu became a delinquent through a trivial chance and spends his days getting into fights. One day, Misuzu finds Kitahara, an honor student in a special class, getting involved with some delinquents and helps him out. Kitahara then tries to get involved with Misuzu. Misuzu tries to push him away, saying, "If you get involved with me, the people around you will leave you," but his feelings are wavering...?
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