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Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata

Shizuku Hoshikawa, a high school girl who lives avoiding contact with people, writes a novel which is accidentally read by her classmate Kaori Asaka. However, when she reads the novel, she ends up saying: "Let's have a love relationship, for the next job..." (Source: MU)

No Dating Allowed in the Office

Is first love a big deal? If we met that first love as adults, would we really still feel the butterflies? With a first love who is a friend who is also a co-worker, beyond this reversely developed relationship is the true belief of "No to Office Romance!" Namsoo of <Romance 101> meets Dooboo of <One-of-a-Kind Romance>! Masters of romance fusing up to deliver this romantic comedy!

Sorrows of Alicia

The manga continues with the story of Alicia from "A Female Warrior Who Fell to the Goblin Kingdom"...

Lovers of the Galaxy

Six years ago, when Wooju lost her father, she came across a kind-hearted alien in the mountains. Ever since then, she's been an avid fan of aliens, but she pretends not to believe in their existence out of fear that her classmates will ostracize her. One day, Wooju discovers a school club that meets her interests. She's excited to finally share her passion for aliens with others, but she has no idea that this will be the beginning of her exciting romance with the student body president Huimun, who has a secret of his own.

Noragami: Stray God

As a relatively unknown minor deity without any worshippers, Delivery God Yato takes on odd jobs for only five yen, with the goal of amassing a fortune large enough to buy himself a shrine. But in addition to obscurity, he has another problem: his "Shinki," or weapon partner, has decided to resign, tired of being with a homeless god. Left with no weapon, Yato takes on more jobs, hoping to find a new partner soon. While out putting up fliers for a missing cat, Yato sees said cat and chases after him, right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Hiyori Iki, a nearby girl, rushes to push Yato out of the way and ends up hurt herself. After waking up in the hospital, she discovers the incident has knocked her soul loose from her body. Realizing his actions caused this, Yato promises to help return Hiyori to normal—for five yen of course. But in order to return her to normal, he requires a new Shinki, which he finds in the rebellious spirit Yukine. tells the story of a girl walking the line between two worlds, and a stray deity's quest for a place to call his own. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


"Mode II" is an app that can give its users certain superpowers. One day, a frail-looking high school student named Ye Qiu accidentally accepts an invitation to test this app and gains the ability to hear people's inner thoughts and feelings. After his sister Ye Zi is assaulted and gravely wounded by a serial killer, Ye Qiu becomes determined to find out who the culprit is using his newfound power from "Mode II". However, little does he know that he's not the only one with this ability…

The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Eagle-like Wife

Most would call the Levantret territory a frozen wasteland. The sun does not shine for half of the year, and even when it does, the inhabitants must still endure the frigid cold. Even so, what Levantret does have is a boundless sky, spanned by the ethereal Northern Lights. The local lord, Ritzhardt "Ritz" Salonen Levantret, loves his homeland more than anyone else. He is in search of a wife, but few women are willing to give up their lives of luxury and move out to the boonies. High society calls him the "Yeti of the Borderlands" and looks down on his simple lifestyle. At a dinner party, Ritz is enraptured by the decorated lady-knight Sieglinde "Sieg" von Wettin and immediately asks to marry her. To the surprise of most, she accepts a "trial marriage" of one year. For Sieg, this is a chance to discover what it means to be a "wife" after spending the majority of her life in the military. On the other hand, Ritz wants to show her everything his beloved home has to offer. In the wintry Levantret, from hunting in the blistering cold to handicrafts around the cozy hearth, every day is filled with new and warm memories. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

I Have a Baby

To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except… their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?

Another Secret

[Jaeha-hyung, the most precious hyung in the world. Aren't I the most important to you, too?] Yoseob, a high school student who killed 8 citizens and shocked society. He, whom kept quiet in the police station during questioning, suddenly starts to make a statement, and the more the truth is revealed one by one, the more anxiety rises… *official summary

Sei-chan, Your Love Is Too Much!

When my favorite childhood friend Sei-chan moved in with us, he started teasing me such as pushing me over, sneaking into my room, and taking other liberties! The daily flirting attack from the handsome Sei-chan is too overwhelming!

Otogi no Uta: Chronicle

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music. What awaits them is either hope or――。

Idol To Otaku No Risou No Kankei

An otaku's idol moves right next to him, and it's a dream come true! But as it turns out, she's a bit more sadistic than expected. (Source: Orchesc/a/ns)

Weak Hero

Once the bullies target you, it's game over. The school is run by tyrants whose favorite hobby is tormenting the weakest kids in class. But then Gray arrived. This mysterious new student threatens to dismantle the established order. He may be small in stature, but his calculative and brutal fighting leaves unsuspecting opponents lying on the floor begging for mercy. Now the school's toughest bullies have to scramble to take down this new and unusual hero. (Source: LINE Webtoon)

The Weakest Occupation

The people of this world are given occupations and weapons called Divine Treasures by God. It was said that the treasure was very strong and couldn't be compared to the human-made weapons. That's why, occupations which were called "Blacksmith", who can make and modify weapons are called the weakest. The main protagonist Relius acquired such a weak job. He gave up on becoming an adventurer and worked in an inn, but he realized that he could make "Anything". (Source: Shousetsuka ni Narou, translated)

I Have 999 Abilities

In a world where almost everyone has a supernatural power, Yang Xi swore to avenge his beloved sister and make those who hurt her pay for their sins. With this in mind, he started snatching others' supernatural powers through his own power; growing from a greenhorn in combat to being the leader of a plane-spanning organization. With a combination of strength and strategy, he destroyed the dark forces one after the other, gradually collecting 999 types of powers. Eventually he becomes the king of supernatural powers whom everyone has to look up to!

Truth Weavers

In the country of Larvata, mages are oppressed and seen as filthy beings. Leon is a talented but rather weak mage. Zechs is an orphan boy with great innate magical talent. Their meeting will change their lives as well as the world around them.
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