When Sato-kun died

He is silent, expressionless and he keeps to himself, but then he shared a smile with me. That boy is… a walking corpse! Sato-kun, who met an early demise in a traffic accident, came back to school as a Zombie. That popular guy who would light up the room, is now cold and lifeless and barely manages to trace the habits of his old life. However, Hozumi from the same class, seems to be the only exception. Zombie Sato, stares at her from nearby and why is he following her? What ever will she do? Is he still the old Sato-kun or is he… Experience this mysterious and youthful romance between a reticent Zombie and a Shy Girl!

Paru's Graffiti

An autobiographical manga about Itagaki Paru, her two older sisters, mother, and father.

The Many Weaknesses of Ayaka the Yankee JK

Her secrets that only I know... Izuki Hayashi, a timid otaku who has just entered high school and wants to become a manga artist, is sitting next to a very scary-looking Yankee JK! The way she talks, the way she looks, the way she acts, everything about her is terrifying... But it turns out, she has a lot of unexpected weaknesses?!

Beware the Villainess!

Sit back and take in this romantic tale of an angelic heroine and her devoted suitors as they vie for the depths of her love... or not. This story’s about to go through some edits! After an accident, a modern-day college student awakens as the story’s villainess, Melissa Foddebrat. She’s far from anyone’s favorite, but she IS the daughter of the duke. Determined to live it up, this new Melissa is doing things her way — antiquated society, be damned! All idiots, prepare to step aside or perish!

Doctor Kirico: White Ghede

The story centres on Kiriko, Black Jack's nemesis who specializes in euthanasia.

Neko's Massage Salon

The massage salon that Nekoyama-kun, an exhausted office worker, had visited was a healing paradise, where a cat masseuse performs the service! The one that engulfs his tired body… his eyes, his shoulder, his lower back is the shopkeeper's fluffy and round paws!!!! Moreover, Nekoyama-kun was on the verge of ascension to heaven when the young massage apprentices appeared…! Enjoy the best relaxation given by these extremely adorable cats ♪

That Demonic Teacher Will Be My Sister?

A boy is initially overjoyed at the news of him having an older sister, due to his father remarrying to a woman who has a daughter. That is, until he finds out that his new sister is actually his school's strict PE teacher, Shina. With his father going off to live with his new wife, the boy will live with alone with his new sister. In their new life together, the boy finds out that Shina at home is completely different from Shina at work: clumsy, scared of insects, and kind.

Honki No Akuyaku Reijo!

I was reincarnated in Blanca, the villainous lady in the world of otome games, which I loved in my previous life. It's a pity that I reincarnated in Blanca, who is not my favorite character, but maybe I can witness the flirting scene of the heroine and the target person without charge! ?? In order to make the love with the target of capture more exciting than the game, I tried my best to be mean to the heroine, but for some reason the love did not seem to develop. The villain's daughter's best love comedy has finally begun!


STARCROSS finds New Brooklyn on the eve of an ice age that will make all life on earth extinct. The only way to save the planet is for The Red Hook to ally with Sun Dog, find and rekindle romance with War Cry, confront the Omni-Gods, and give birth to a new dawn where only love can save the world!

A Fake Affair

After searching and failing to find a husband for 3 years, Shoko Hama is ready to give up. Tired from work and marriage-less future prospects, she quits her job and travels on a solo trip to Korea. On the plane ride there, Shoko meets the young and attractive Jobanni Park, but accidentally tells him… she’s married? Now caught in her own web of lies, Shoko is about to have the wildest time of her life!

Adventures of God

In this slice of (eternal) life, you'll meet God, visit Heaven and learn that what goes on behind the pearly gates isn't exactly the way the good book describes it. For starters, it's a pretty unhealthy work environment - what with God's ginormous, fragile ego and heavy drinking problem. The good news is that while heaven is a lot less holy than expected, it's much more hilarious too.

My Tentative Name

Our protagonist awakes in a house he doesn't know—in fact, not only does he not know where he is, he doesn't know who he is. What he does know is that this unfamiliar house is empty, save for the body (and head) of a decapitated woman—a stranger, he thinks. He’s rescued by a woman, Shio, who calls him "Iori"...but is that who he really is? And when she helps him hide the body without batting an eye, telling him to trust her...can he? Should he? [Kodansha]

Suki Sugiru Kara Kanojo Ijou No, Imouto Toshite Aishite Kudasai

I was accepted to work at the game company that I admire SGO (Sister with Great Onii-chan)! The job given to myself, Keita Majima, a high school student who got such a miracle is "Rental Onii-chan" to make the best sister character! It's a sister-sister contract romantic comedy story full of affection between myself who loves younger sisters and the girls who want to be my younger sisters!


What would you do if you discovered that the third-rate story in your free daily newspaper was actually an account of someone’s murder? As Haesu Choi goes through his daily morning newspaper, “Rotary N,” to look for jobs, he stumbles across an ongoing serial thriller called “Epilogue.” At first glance it just seems like pulp fiction, but as the story progresses, the characters turn out to be real-life victims. Get ready for a series full of twists and turns, with murder around every corner.

HIRAETH: The End of the Journey

Mika is so desperate to see her dead friend again that she tries to kill herself. Before anything can happen, she is saved by two mysterious travelers... Together with her two companions, she embarks on a journey into an illusory world where hope and despair are intertwined! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san

About best friends Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama. Inugami likes cats and has a dog-like personality. Nekoyama likes dogs and has a cat-like personality.
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