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A story about high school students driving cars.

After School! Iruma-kun

An official , featuring stories of Iruma Suzuki and his friends as students of Babyls Demon School.

Miss Time

Gold Miss* Lee Gaon made a successful career as a personal trainer and is in a rival-like relationship against the famous romance novelist, Jiho, famous for his notorious badmouthing. Gaon went to her frenemy Sera's wedding ceremony and somehow ended up helping her escape. And her groom? It was Jiho, the man who slung towards her mouthfuls of criticisms and insults one after another. They realize they were from the same highschool class… While Jiho was on his way to meet Gaon, the two were transported twelve years into the past… "That soft boy was that badass delinquent in highschool?! And he liked me as well?! *Gold Miss in South Korea is an unmarried woman with high socioeconomic status and level of education.

Mr. A and Mr. B

A sweet fluffy story between the calm, quiet A and wild, social B. With not a single thing in common, will the two be able to nurture a safe romantic relationship? Let’s find out!

Interview with a Murderer (Queensa)

Jonathan helps his brother interview a serial killer, but little does he know that said killer has a special interest in him...

When I Reincarnated, I Was Doted on by the Demon King

Haruka, an employee for a real estate company, is lamenting about her mistakes at work as well as her unrequited love with a senpai who recently got married when a "meteor" suddenly hits her window. The suspicious man who fell from the sky is the self-proclaimed demon king?! He then proceeds to tell her that in her previous life she was the saint, which makes him her archenemy… like hell anyone would believe something that sounds as if it came from a light novel! Then he declares, "I'll make you happy, and when you've regained hope I'll plummet you into despair!" Corporate slave who was a saint in her past life x demon king, the story of their cohabitation as the demon king becomes a doting lover. (Source: Mangaupdates) Mangaka pair's twitter

Whimsical Orange☆Road

A slightly sweet and sour coming-of-age romantic comedy about a strange love triangle between a boy with psychic powers, Kyosuke Kasuga, a sukeban, Madoka Ayukawa, and Madoka's kohai, Hikaru Hiyama. Kyosuke, the eldest son of a supernatural family, meets Madoka, a beautiful girl with a red straw hat, while strolling in the town he has moved to...


Kang Chan and Seyeon have been close friends since they were young after being introduced by their parents. After entering high school, Seyeon suddenly received a confession from Kang Chan and became aware of Kang Chan since then. Meanwhile, Naeun is displeased with their relationship. The trivial and noisy story of their love triangle and those around them...

Merit Egyptian God

Merit is having her soul judged in the underworld when she realizes she has no recollection of dying. Only Anubis can open the gate which connects the land of the dead to the land of the living. However, Anubis hates humans and refuses to perform his judging duties, leading him to being cursed from above. Can Merit break the curse on Anubis and return to the world of the living?

Red Storm

A mysterious man suddenly appears in the desert separating the East and West Continents. A young boy, Yulian Provoke from the Pareia tribe finds this man, and brings him to his village. Turns out the man is an incredibly strong and amazing individual, and he begins to teach the young boy fighting skills.

Yuurei ni Natta kara Pantsu Misete mo Barenai Yone!?

I, the main character, have the ability to weakly sense the paranormal. One day, my childhood friend, Konno Kowata, who was supposed to have died in an accident, appears before me with her panties exposed...!? A precious ghost romantic comedy that'll get you blushing!

The Dark Queen and I Strike Back

Suddenly transported to another world. Being called the ‘Suitable One’, with the world’s strongest power “Holy Sword”. He thought he would use that power to make a great impact in this new world. However, in this alternate world there are "inhumans"; Monsters that oppress the lands. Questioning his own convictions, he asked, is this correct? Who should he use this power for? This is the beginning of an Isekai battle fantasy! (Source: MU, edited)

Troubling Benten Dormitory

This story depicts the wildly exciting days of the youth and love of the female students living in the Benten dorm, attached to Benten Academy. Under the supervision of Mikimoto Marie, the dorm's managed to keep relationships between male and female students strictly platonic, but with the boys from their neighbor dorm constantly eyeing the girls, it won't be long until their sexual desires take over... Includes three one-shots that eventually spawned the sequel, Mako-chan to Asobo!


What does one consider to be a monster? A horrible bloodsucking vampire? Frankenstein's creation? Shuichi Kagaya has a secret. Other than having great grades and being skilled at sports, he isn’t what one would call normal. In fact, Shuichi cannot even be considered human. One fateful morning, he woke up as a monster. With brute strength, an abnormally strong sense of smell, big fluffy paws, and the depression and self-hate that comes after losing one's humanity, his life was suddenly flipped upside down. Claire Aoki, the girl he had decided to save, now holds his secret over his head. Claire is a sadistic and utterly twisted girl, with no sense of empathy toward the lives of others. Before meeting Shuichi, she was in the search of monsters, hoping to find her monster sister. Despite becoming a monster, Shuichi naively continues to hold onto his human morals, but how long can one last in this insufferable way of living? [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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