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The Sleeping Witch in the Black Tower

黒塔の眠れる魔術師 囚われの娘と知られざる禁術
Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 235
Genres: Fantasy, Josei, Romance
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The Sleeping Witch in the Black Tower summary:
A battle of secrets between a misanthropic magician and a lying swordsman! Tycho is a young girl trapped in the "Black Tower" in the court of Spania. She is suspected of being an apprentice of a great sorcerer who is said to know the art of immortality. Meanwhile, Glen, a close associate of the third prince, is ordered to reveal the truth to Tico, who stubbornly denies the allegations. Tico, a country girl, and Glen, a caretaker. Both of them have "true purposes" in their hearts, but they are caught up in the powerful darkness of the palace...⁉