The Earth-san Has Leveled Up!

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The Earth-san Has Leveled Up! summary:
One day, "Mr. Earth has improved! ], A mysterious voice echoes all over the world, and levels, statuses, and dungeons appear in modern times. Meiko Yatani is involved in one of them and is in a big pinch! ...... Rather, he became the world's first survivor with his own guts and Chunibyo! ?? Even after entering high school, she falls into the infinite torii dungeon with her childhood friend Shiren, her daughter Sasara, and foreign-bred Lulu, but JK's true character is demonstrated! Staying at an inn, or taking a commemorative photo or fashion show on your smartphone when you get a job with a magician, a stickman, a knight, and a ninja, you will enjoy it unexpectedly. However, there are monsters lurking there-- "We are the strongest quartet in the world." Girls adventure fantasy that challenges with friendship with friends begins!