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Ponkotsu Kawaii Mamiya-san

ぽんこつかわいい間宮さん ~社内の美人広報がとなりの席に居座る件~
Status: Finished
Published: ?
Views: 865
Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Ponkotsu Kawaii Mamiya-san summary:
"I know I'm a bit of a weeb, but I'm looking forward to working with you!" Ms. Mamiya, a senior employee with big breasts and a beautiful face, has moved into the seat next to Fujishiro, a working adult in the shadows. While hiding the fact that she is "Nisai-san," an influencer whom Mamiya-san admires, she weaves a gem of an office love comedy with Mamiya-san and other unique heroines such as her colleague, a cool beauty, and a high school girl who is a good tease!