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For My Adorable Fiance's Sake

The world, it seems like it is that of the Otome game "Welcome Princess", but there's something off!? Elliot, the eldest son of a Marquis family and one of the targets you can go after is an insanely handsome young man, both cool and wicked, master of both pen and sword. His only weakness (?) is that he is "hopelessly in love with his (the villainess?) fiance Francine!" The story of Elliot and how he began drowning in love for his fiance at the age of 7 starts here.

One More Step, Come Stand by My Side

Compilation of Takeda Touryuumon's oneshots, include the author's early and acclaimed work "Daisuki na Tsumadatta".

Damn Demonic Swords

Zegar is a hero who avoids problems at all costs. The only thing he fears are demonic swords, evil weapons that try to possess their wielders. But for some reason, they never stop chasing after him and sticking to him. Zegar just wanted to live a quiet life, doing small missions and staying out of trouble. But, unintentionally, he becomes the center of several events that shake the fantastic continent. “Ah… Damn.” He regrets it, but it's too late. If he can't run away, he only has one option: cut his enemies with demonic swords!

The Count’s Youngest Son Is a Player

[Activating closed beta system. Current number of users: 1.] Bae DoHyun lost his life because of the major guilds' evil plan. He then possesed the main character in a game that’s still in its beta service. Reincarnated as Rich family’s youngest son, Raul. “I’ll take it all this time!” From Rank 1 player to the most powerful NPC, his new story begins.

A former noble lady marries the lonely god of death

When the daughter of a fallen noble family is chosen to become a sacrificial bride, her groom is none other than the Shinigami— a cold-hearted, human-hating God of Death. Chizuru works for the Sanjou family, a newly made noble house with a thriving textiles factory in Koishigawa. However, as the daughter of a family which once ranked far higher than the Sanjous, Chizuru receives nothing but scorn and contempt from her new employers. Without warning, a plague breaks out in the town and victims of the disease all die with the same words on their lips: ‘The Shinigami stands at my bedside.’ In a desperate attempt to appease the god who brought the plague upon them, Chizuru is selected as a sacrificial bride. This is a story of a ruined noble, a God of Death, and the romance that blossoms between their two lonely souls.

Dragon Yashinatte Kudasai

One day, a college student named Murakami encounters a dragon named Ilsela who came from another world. Ilsela, who aims to be an 'Ichiryumae,' seems to want someone to 'adopt' them while they train in the human world...?! Eating, sleeping, and playing with a dragon. A relaxed fantasy in a six-tatami room.

Dragon and Chameleon

Garyou Hanagami is a veteran mangaka. Best known for the behemoth of a series that is Dragon Land, Hanagami-sensei has years of experience under his belt and is always thinking up new manga ideas. Shinobu Miyama is not. An amateur working for Hanagami-sensei as an assistant, Miyama is nicknamed “The Chameleon” for his ability to copy the artstyles of those he works under. However, his true dream is to escape the faceless crowds and become someone. So what happens when a work accident causes them to swap bodies?

Otogi no Uta: Chronicle

In order to obtain the "ending" that will make all their wishes come true, the songwriters decide to fight with the power of their music. What awaits them is either hope or――。

A great mage who overwhelms the Demon King, but he is pushing him at home.

A heartwarming love comedy about a couple of magicians

I’m Not a Regressor

One day, a silver-haired goddess appeared before me. [The star of the heaven rebellion. The one who goes against fate. The only savior of a world that is fated to end.] Woman, what are you even talking about? [You are the regressor, huh?] What? I’m not one, though…

I Am Invincible With My Luck Stat at 999 and Infallible Insta-Death Magic ~I Was Banished With a Magic Power of 1, but I Rise to the Top With My Probability Cheat~

Born into a prestigious family of magicians, Sachi faced despair when her magical power was assessed at a mere 1. In contrast, her luck stat was an astonishing 999, but to magicians, it was deemed worthless—?

Solo Eating To Overpowered

Ex reigned supreme over the game Lin Online. However, he was betrayed by his trusted subordinates and left the game. Two years later, he came across the VMMORPG . He vowed to take revenge on the guild “Kaimus” who had betrayed him. [You have obtained the hidden class Heavenly Gourmet!] [You have discovered the hidden flavor within Rye Bread!] [Your strength has increased by 2 points!] “Wait, I can increase my stats just by eating?”

I Became the World's Strongest Witch: I Will Live Freely in a World Where Only I can Access the "Guide Site"

An unknown skill turns into unlimited power with divine knowledge [Internet]! "To manifest an SSS rank with the weakest skill is a disgrace!" Rona is a girl who was expelled from her home due to her lack of money, food, and power. Lost and hopeless, she suddenly hears the words... "Would you like some guidance?" She discovers how to utilize her unique SSS rank skill: [Internet], which she alone possesses. The true nature of this skill is the ability to access this world's 'guide sites' - an extraordinary cheat skill! Endless production of valuable items! Acquiring ultra-rare equipment! Thanks to her skill, she can do as she pleases...!

The Archmage’s Restaurant

A man who was reincarnated in another world as a 9th class wizard and retired after saving the continent from a dragon war. He decides to open a small restaurant in the countryside, but his routine is anything but ordinary. On the second floor of his restaurant, there lives a black dragon who has transformed into a woman, named Rurin. She is greedy, cute and loyal to him, but also ignorant and clueless about the human world. They live a fun and warm life, serving customers, solving problems and growing violets in the garden.

I Rely On Killing Monsters To Extend My Longevity

Only the chosen deceased can reach this place, where killing monsters can exchange for longevity, thus extending life! Qianye, after surviving a near-death battle, finally returns to the mortal realm, only to discover that the ‘longevity’ reward comes with a time limit! Once the time limit expires, Qianye once again descends into that desolate and terrifying place! What exactly are these monsters? Is the sudden outbreak of eternal slumber in the mortal world related to this place? Besides myself, who else has been chosen? There’s no time to think, death would come quietly!
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