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Our Classmates Don’t Know We’re Having Sex In Your Room

Tōyama, an unassuming high school boy who is introverted, is walking the streets at night in search of contraceptives while having sex with his girlfriend, Takai Yumi. He finally finds a condom vending machine. Just when he thinks he finally found a condom, his classmate Marika Uehara, a beautiful girl in the upper caste of his class, sees him. After that, he was a little annoyed that Uehara tried to involved with him in any way. Uehara, who he hadn’t any contact with before even though they were in the same class, was starting to take an interest in Tōyama.

Shinohara-kun's Home Cooking!

Yukitsugu Shinohara and Sachi April 1, who work for the same stationery manufacturer, happen to live in the flat next door. They always have dinner together and spend time together, but their relationship is quite normal between colleagues - or so it should be. Cooking story of a working man and woman who have become complicated...

God Bless the Mistaken

Kon lives in a world that bugs out regularly. But with Kasane, a researcher who studies these phenomena, he knows that each day will at least be interesting!

Private Devil Puppy

Overbearing loyal dog devil x high mighty calm and cold swordsman, as a pair of lover's forced to part in their previous lives, in this life at last both of them meet, the cold swordsman has lost the memories of his past life, the domineering devil turned into an attached, loyal dog, you don't like my devil's appearance? Then I'll become a cute pet and accompany you, want to eat a sweet candy? Come and follow this super sweet candy series!

Chunshik the Old Newbie

EVERY THURSDAY Chunshik Kim is the CEO of Novis Company, the company behind the VR RPG Novis World, but he has never played his own game before. After claiming that he could become a top ranker without paying any money at an update preview event, he starts Novis World with only his secretary and passion by his side. Will this old dog be able to learn new tricks and become the top ranker in Novis World?

Concubine Walkthrough

At first, Yona gave some major side-eye to the popular game "Concubine Walkthrough" until she got sucked into it—literally! Now stuck as the villain, she has her hands full facing the infamously cruel emperor, shaking off scheming concubines, and befriending NPCs. There’s only one way the Game Master will let her out and that’s to become the Empress! Will she be able to stay true to her honest and straightforward self despite the palace’s intrigues? One extra problem: she’s got competition...

They Say I'm Broke

The cold and aloof company president only had one goal: attack the new singer Yu Nian on Weibo and become his number one anti-fan! A few months later, he announced, "We're together." Anti-fans: ...?!

The Prince of Myolyeong

An immortal emperor rules the Kingdom of Yeol, a divine country blessed by gods with awesome powers. After a thousand years of peaceful rule, the time has come for a new emperor to be chosen. This is determined by a series of trials, in which twenty princes with special powers who have trained since birth must compete. As all princes of varying personalities and agendas gather to partake in the trials, intrigue and possibly even bloodshed seem all but certain. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the other princes, the Fourth Prince Jeok-yeon Ryu hides a secret he must guard with his life.


The popular "Ji-Woo", with her adorable looks and bright personality. She receives confessions on a daily basis, but whenever she dates anyone, she inevitably gets dumped early on because of her tendency to obsess. No one seems to understand Ji-Woo. But one day, a transfer student named "Lee Jae" shows up and listens to her story. Ji-Woo gradually falls for her and develops a strange possessiveness towards Lee Jae... But where exactly does Lee Jae's true interest lie?

The Strongest Ever

The 'Ten Masters' had kept each other in check and maintained the balance of power and order of the world beyond human limits, until Baek Dohyun showed up with the strongest power ever!

My Girlfriend's Child

"I think I might be pregnant." Sachi, a high school girl, has a childhood sweetheart, Takara. One day, feeling something wrong with her health, she buys a pregnancy test. Using the test at a diner in a town far from home, she sees two lines that indicate a "positive" result...

Rental Hero

Lee JooWon is a doppleganger who works for heroes by taking their place while they’re out saving the world. He is approached by Justice, the number one ranked hero, who hires Joowon to replace him. After agreeing to Justice’s offer with a hefty compensation, Lee JooWon goes to the agreed-upon location and sees something he never expected…

The Invincible Man

Im Hwapyung. A man who wants to live a normal life like his name. Everything he had in his mundane life was destroyed. [Your love has become my loathing.] You shouldn’t have messed with me in the first place. You should have just let me live a quiet life. And now he has began his move that none of his nemesis will survive his wrath.

Superstar From Age 0

From elves, fairies, slimes, gift items, devils and more, countless and thousands of reincarnations have led to a new life. I, Lee Seo Jun, have been reborn as a human child! In the library of my life, where memories of my previous lives remain like fairy tales, I happen to see a past life with the dream life I desperately wanted. On top of that, I’ve been given abilities that grabs people’s attention! With my hansome face doing all the hard work! My insane acting skills! This time, at long last, I will achieve my dream and become a superstar! Wet’s dow it! (Baby Accent)

Living with Magicians

Living in the city can be tough. Living with magicians can be tougher. Rangse Enna worked hard to pass the government official exam. After being stationed to work for the government in the city, she bravely left her hometown… only to be housed with the magicians. The apartment seems to be full of strange magicians who operate differently from the people Rangse used to know. Will she be able to adjust to her new job, new city, and her new apartment?
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