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Best Actors Life: Take-Two

The Golden Horse Award winner for best actor, Yuan Mu, was murdered but his soul was trapped in a young and handsome body. The place of rebirth unexpectedly is the bed of his enemy, Huo Yi! And Huo Yi is his breadwinner?! While dealing with this fickle breadwinner, he is also trying to take down the man who killed him. Spending time with Huo Yi, Yuan Mu seems to have gradually fallen in love with the man he once hated the most?

Renkinjutsushi no Sumu Bukiya

A young ex-adventurer named "The Alchemist" finds himself working as a consultant for weapons shops around town when suddenly he gets a letter that makes him return to his home town, what does the future have in store for this young Alchemist?

Honeko Akabane's Bodyguards

Honeko Akabane is an ordinary high school girl. The daughter of a lawyer, she seeks to just live a regular life - even if that means chiding her childhood friend, the ever-violent Ibuki Arakuni, whenever he gets into fights with random people. However, Ibuki holds a secret only he knows - Honeko was adopted by her current parents, and is actually the illegitimate daughter of a yakuza bigwig. As it turns out, the boss is retiring, and many people in his gang are looking to take his place; since Honeko is his heir, they want to kill her to clean up any loose ends. And so Ibuki must protect Honeko from a variety of criminals, without letting her know about her true lineage. Can he act as her bodyguard while simultaneously keeping her unaware of her situation?

Grand Ma

The supernatural exists, they're living life like everyone else, and only Minh can see them. Get a glimpse of their life and join Minh and Granny in their interactions with the unordinary doing the ordinary!

I’m a godfather in another world

There are holy swords which can break hundred armors, and there are scholars who can cross the river with a reed. There are still Buddhists who travel over the Western Regions with a desire to transform the world but then blocked by a Taoist from the past. No one seems to be able move mountains or fill the sea. The authority of a reign cannot be shaken by a single individual’s hand. The country’s rivers and lakes are now invaded by the foreign forces, causing endless sufferings to the families within. Yet during that period of turmoil, a hero was born

The Strongest Deserter

The strongest genius died accidentally and was reincarnated into the weakest of scum. With the memories and techniques of his previous life, he turned this scum into a cultivating genius. Even though his marriage at the start was called off, so what? Watch this genius cultivate to the top, ascend to immortality, trample on those who oppose him, save beautiful women, get rich and reach the peak of life.

Martial Star Ocean

As Armageddon threatened to destroy the world in 20 years, Li Mu was transported by his mentor to another world only to find that he became one of the most powerful beings in this new and strange world! Follow him as he embarked on a swashbuckling journey of vanquishing evil as he grew stronger and save the world!

Paladin Dad

But Upon return he found out that he had a lovely four-year-old daughter? ! Zuo Yi, who has long been tired of the life of a knight, gradually intersects with the Blue Star world more and more in order to raise a baby, and finally solves the crisis of Blue Star, where he is trying to build an ideal world for his precious daughter.

The More I Kill, The Stronger I Get

In the future world, Alien beasts invaded, and human beings are in a crisis of extinction. At this time, Martial arts rose, and a large number of martial arts powerhouses were born to Suppress Alien beasts. As one of the strong human being, Xiao Ming was betrayed in the process of eliminating Alien beasts. Three hundred years after his soul was reborn, Xiao Ming once again embarked on the road of martial arts cultivation to avenge.

King of Spirit Beast

A Kun in the beginning, the cultivation of truth is all about swallowing. In this fantasy world, Fan Lingxiao, the young leader of the Heavenly Pavilion, evolves a small catfish into a spirit-kun that swallows the earth and the sky, becoming a famous spirit master. However, during the duel at the summit, the Spirit Kun somehow failed to evolve and turned into a ferocious cadaveric Kun, which opened its bloody mouth and swallowed Fan Lingxiao. When he woke up again, the scene before him was very different ……

I Want to Be Buried in Plump Tits in a Different World!

An anthology about girls with big breasts in another world.


Sophie, a boy with vampire and human blood, is transferred from an orphanage to an institution called Clan. The school houses vampire boys who have reached their Cocoon period, or puberty in human terms. Sophie has a fateful encounter with a boy named Ul while being coldly greeted by the vampires around him. As Ul continues to research the “power of immortality” that vampires once possessed, he learns of the existence of TRUMP, the original vampire that is said to live forever, and begins to crave eternal life. Eventually, Sophie and Ul become entangled in the deep fate surrounding the legend of immortality... A manga adaptation of the origin story of playwright Kenichi Suemitsu’s popular series! A Gothic school fantasy that beautifully spins the conflicts of impressionable and sensitive boysー!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Freya

The search for love is on! A fey mood strikes Freya, sparking a new quest to find her Odr, the one destined to stand forever by her side. Naturally, her followers are against it. They remember all too well the disaster that her last adventure turned out to be. Unfortunately for them, such a minor setback has never been enough to stop the goddess of beauty from following wherever her heart leads-which, this time, happens to be the sandy dunes of Kaios. Freya is eager to spread her wings to see what discoveries this new land has to offer, even as her familia frantically searches for her, no matter the cost...!
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