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Nue's Exorcist

Yajima has been able to see spirits since he was small. At his new school is a room that nobody else can see. And inside is a spirit who loves playing video games. A new modern exorcist saga now begins!

My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps!

Meet Haruka Kawatsuji, a young boy who miraculously survived a fall from his apartment's balcony as a child. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts to find that same thrill in sports and horror movies, he's never quite managed to feel as alive since. However, that may all be about to change in a fateful encounter with one very eccentric girl!

Blooming Love

One day, when I was making school supplies in the art room, a very scary-looking girl was staring at me...!? Crafts girl vs. art boy romantic comedy!!

Do Retry

In postwar Japan, war orphan Aozora will swing his fists to protect his little sister!

Handsome Must Die

Yuri- a high school student so handsome she has the other girls tripping over their feet and calling her a prince. But behind closed doors, she’s a total idol-fangirl! Her biggest bias? Ryo-kun from the popular group “Handsome Guys”. A chance encounter with Ryo after one of his concerts turns Yuri’s world upside down when she finds herself suddenly thrust into the world of idols- disguised as a guy?! What wayward shenanigans lie ahead in her comedic journey through stardom?

The Soul Spewing Wielder

One day, a high school boy who just wants to be popular encounters a cute girl being attacked by the spirit of a fallen warrior! He rushes in to save her, only to suddenly lose consciousness…? Check out this explosive occult x battle comedy!!


Since the government announced the existence of people with “special powers” 10 years ago, Shindo Susumu has longed for his own amazing abilities. However, he finds himself to be nothing but an average 15-year-old. Then one day, during his high school entrance ceremony, a power finally awakens inside him…but it’s not exactly the kind he’d always hoped for!

Kill Blue

The new series from the creator of Kuroko's Basketball! Can a legendary assassin redo his life as a middle schooler?!

Tenmaku Cinema

The exciting new series from the creators of Food Wars! Extreme movie-lover Hajime Shinichi and the ghost of the mysterious genius screenwriter Takihiko Tenmaku--their meeting will provide some serious plot twists! It's ready, set, action for this coming-of-age series!

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Side Story: Forest of Misfortune

Enjoy this special side story to celebrate the launch of the Hell's Paradise anime series! The children of a small village try to take down the stranger who's started living nearby, but he won't die no matter what they do to him!


In the spring of my third year of middle school, I found Shibata buried beneath a sakura tree. We watched movies and became fast friends, even planned to make a movie together for the school festival...but no one at school seemed to know him. I will discover Shibata and the whole world will turn into Shibata. This is a story of, by, and for Shibata. Now showing in a theater near you.

The Pension Life Vampire

Vampires and werewolves... One day, Eri, a "revision officer" who hunts down things that are said to resent mankind, wanders into a pension run by a mysterious girl. The encounter between a girl whose existence was denied and a legendary vampire. She won't change the world, but she can become kind. A heartwarming house administration comedy begins now!

Service Wars

In a shopping district of closed shutters and turned keys, Ajimaru, a lone Chinese restaurant, bravely faces its impending closure. Everything changes when they serve up a free meal to the starving Nasunosuke, wandering waiter extraordinaire, who might be just what they need to spice up their shop!

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni - Episode Zero

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni is a bold adaptation of Momotaro, the Japanese fairytale about a young warrior who travels to Demon Island to confront the Oni (demons or ogres) who terrorize the countryside. ONI dares to look at the other side of this seminal story through the eyes of a diminutive Oni and question the true meaning of justice in a world where humans and monsters live together.

Jinrui-Shoku: Blight of Man

“You just die one day and turn into a mummy!” Mysterious mummified corpses that people have nicknamed “Mummily-sans” keep being found one after another, causing a lot of fuss. One day, a boy named Seita notices that his friend is acting strangely…?! Don’t miss this thrilling suspense story about an invasion by the unknown!

Stan for Salvation

Angels descend upon Japan! They’ve come to deliver the Japanese people from demons, who have taken the music industry by storm. But their master plan is to shoot for stardom as idols?! Enjoy Osamu Kozuki’s stupefying new comedy series!
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