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Mimicry Girls

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Published: ?
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Mimicry Girls summary:
The year is 2041. It has been several years since the development of Artificial Body technology, commonly known as "Mimic." Captain Chris Armstrong, after suffering a serious injury from an unexpected incident during a military operation, undergoes mimic surgery and returns to the frontlines... or at least, that was the plan. After the surgery, there was something strange about his body. His reflection that he saw in the mirror had soft white skin, complimented by silky hair——it was a beautiful girl!?!!? Amidst the flames of war writhing with conspiracy and resentment, a makeshift team of four girl-type mimics was formed. Their name: Mimicry Girls. Shooting, CQC, infiltration. A mission was given to these girls that were specialists in all fields. That is, to escort the president's daughter from the international criminal organization "Val Verde" that is out for her life. After a cool tea party is the start of a cute operation! Taking on the form of girls, they face off against the world's greatest evils! An exhilarating gun-slinging comedy, presented by a four "girl" special forces team!