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Kiomaru the Blacksmith

にらぎ鬼王丸 Kiômaru- Niragi Kiômaru
Author(s): Sakamoto, Shinichi (null)
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 19, 2004 to Nov 18, 2005
Views: 202
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Kiomaru the Blacksmith summary:
Since his childhood, Kiomaru has been formed by master Sadamitsu of the Gassan forge so that he could later become a specialist in sword making. One day, when he learns of the brutal death of a young man to which he sold his first sword, he realize his own inexperience and decides to adopt a new attitude by following an exacting training. After avenging the young man, he continues his training, but one day, his master reveal to him an unbelievable secret: 18 years ago, meteorites nicknamed "Steel of the stars" fell from the sky on a dark mountain. Since that day, it seems the wheel of destiny enforced itself. (Source: MangaUpdates)