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Karate Master Isekai

空手バカ異世界 Karate Baka in Different World
Author(s): Terry, Eitou (Story), D.P (null)
Status: Publishing
Published: Apr 24, 2019 to ?
Views: 2615
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Karate Master Isekai summary:
After losing a fight with a runaway truck, a karateka is transmigrated to another world, one full of swords and sorcery straight out of fantasy books. The goddess who sent him there offers him a superpowered cheat skill to assist him in his upcoming heroics—but naturally, he turns her down. After all, he already possesses the only technique he needs: karate! No matter what manner of otherworldly foe he may face, be they a minotaur, a gigantic steel-clad knight, or a wicked sorcerer, none of them will discourage him from walking his own path in the way of the empty hand!