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Hunter x Hunter (Colored Edition)

ハンターハンター Hantā Hantā, HUNTER×HUNTER, HxH
Status: Publishing
Published: Mar 3, 1998 to ?
Views: 207325
mangakakalot.to rate : 4.6 / 5 - 11 votes
Hunter x Hunter (Colored Edition) summary:
"Secret treasure hoards, undiscovered wealth... mystical places, unexplored frontiers... 'The mysterious unknown.' There's magic in such words for those captivated by its spell. They are called 'Hunters'!" Gon Freecss wants to become a Hunter so he can find his father, a man who abandoned him to pursue a life of adventure. But it's not that simple: only one in one hundred thousand can pass the Hunter Exam, and that is just the first obstacle on his journey. During the Hunter Exam, Gon befriends many other potential Hunters, such as the mysterious Killua; the revenge-driven Kurapika; and Leorio, who aims to become a doctor. There's a world of adventure and peril awaiting, and those who embrace it with open arms can become the greatest Hunters of them all! [Written by MAL Rewrite]