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Akazukin-Chan Ga Fushigi No Kuni Ni Mayoikondayou Desu

This time Little Red meets the White Rabbit, who was incidentally halfway through a race with a turtle. Together they discover a mysterious hole in the ground which leads them to Wonderland. There she meets many delightful personalities like the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, in addition to characters from the first book. How exactly will the airheaded Little Red manage to get herself out of Wonderland? (Source: demiotaku).

Devil King

In Kitakaruizawa, a human larger-than-life springs forth from the Kobayakawa Research Center in the middle of the night. That same human, in an instant of pain and agony, turns to dust and is swept away by a forceful gale across the landscape, a tremendous sight witnessed only by clan of truck drivers rushing down the late-night highway. The experiment of Doctor Kobayakawa ends in a disappointing failure, yet the elder brother of a young Akio makes the acquaintance of the Doctor, unmistakably a trap, one bearing the danger of a new experiment...


What do you value most? And if it was taken from you, what would you do to get it back? Join four strangers as they are transported to the mythical land of Luggage – and set out on a quest to locate lost items of great personal value. Along the way, they must make hard decisions about what’s important to them, and what must be left behind in order to retrieve what has been lost.

The Shadow Prophet

The Great Prophet Godo has a place for everyone in his perfect society… so long as you aren't a failure. Itshou is living a diligent and sheltered life when she suddenly finds herself denounced and marked for exile. While her beliefs are shaken to their very core, a chance encounter with a childhood sweetheart derails Itshou’s banishment and puts her on the path to political uprising. Now facing down the same forces she once trusted to protect her, Itshou must untangle the web of lies at the heart of her city and unmask the Shadow Prophet.

The Red Hook: War Cry

The Red Hook's dead girlfriend is resurrected into WAR CRY, a human of mass destruction hosted by a teenage boy. When a demigod from their past comes to haunt them to death they must resolve their lost love.

Asu ni Hitofude!

Sarah is an American fascinated by calligraphy. When her father is transferred to a high school in Yamanashi Prefecture, she is thrilled by the opportunity to learn calligraphy in earnest. She heads for the calligraphy club, which focuses on calligraphy performances, but to her surprise it is on the verge of closure...?

Bernies Drawing Diary

An adorable allegory about peace and tolerance. According to the author ~ in the future our world has been wiped out more or less by our own stupidity and intolerance: in the world that follows, all the inhabitants are cats who live together peacefully in spite of nationality and race. (Source: DokiDoki)

Alice Quartet Obbligato

There is a shop where four young designers works in. The shop's name is Alice Quartet. This is the name they thought together. As designers, they design and sewn their own dresses. As models, they wear it. Awaiting for girls who will come, and present them with dreams and memories.

Angel Profile

Long ago, the kingdom of Astrea was threatened by a powerful, evil dragon. With two legendary swords in hand, the traveling knight Julius defeated the dragon and saved the country. It is said the hero lived happily ever after with the queen. However, the writer Elliot knows that isn't the truth. With its last strength, the dragon cursed the hero Julius, causing him to forget all his previous knowledge, experience, and memories. Following the dragon's defeat, Elliot discovered a lone, small form left on the battlefield. His adored hero had been reduced to a helpless child. Elliot swears to restore Julius to his former glory and tell his tale. (Source: shinkeikaku)

Gunryoku No Shigure

A historical story set during the early Edo period focusing on young samurai Rintarou Nakatani and his friends. (Source: Comic Natalie)

Smile Style

Yamazaki Yuri is a high school freshmen. She changes school in the second semester and moves to the dorm. Before her arrival, there are some rumors being spread in the dormitory. This story is about the daily life of the misunderstood girl, Yuri and her dorm-mates.

The Wendybird

Wendy Darling is a headstrong 17-year-old who dreams of escaping her humdrum life and strict family for a life of adventure, like the heroes in her stories. But what will she do when adventure actually comes knocking? In this retelling of Peter Pan, it’s Wendy who must save Neverland from Captain Hook and the strange beasts that torment its inhabitants.

The Heartful Store of Goldenrod Hill

Midori is a former psychologist, and for some reason quits and opens the "Heartful Store" on Goldenrod Hill. Many local women, weary of their everyday routine, consult her and find peace. (Source: Media Do International/Beaglee)

Magical Witch Tsukune-Chan

A surreal comedy following the exploits of a lovable, but incompetent witch who's just trying to help people.

Chiisako No Niwa

A collection of stories that revolves around Chiisako and the humans around them. Garden 1 - A little girl's unexpected meeting in the secret garden of their new house. Garden 2 - A romance novelist and an editor's mountain trip together. Garden 3 - A withdrawn teenage boy saves a girl from a crow. Garden 4 - The tipping point of the relationship between a young wife and her older husband. Garden 5 - An author's precious memory involving a prince.
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