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HIME-GOTO: uniforms at the age of nineteen

ヒメゴト ~十九歳の制服~
Author(s): Minenami, Ryou (null)
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 30, 2010 to Nov 7, 2014
Views: 3671
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HIME-GOTO: uniforms at the age of nineteen summary:
Acting and crossdressing as a boy, Yuki "Yoshiki" Ichihara is viewed as a male by her peers. Despite their expectations, she secretly wants nothing more than to be more feminine. On the other hand, all of Mikako Nagao's classmates believe she is sweet and pure; but in contrast to her innocent veneer, she enjoys selling her body to older men while pretending to be 15 years old. Though it may just be a front, her appearance has enchanted the dashing lady-killer Kaito Aiba, who lusts not for Mikako but to be her. To help fulfill this fantasy, he crossdresses as his idol and takes pleasure in impersonating her in his spare time. Each of these three college students hides behind an identity that is not their own, masking a self that they cannot reveal. Burdened by their hidden lives, they search for who they are and what defines them as their fates begin to intertwine. [Written by MAL Rewrite]