Beast of the Tower

Orphaned, blind in one eye and hungry, Lukka tries to trade his shoes for a meal. Unfortunately, the villagers don't much care for their local homeless cripple and he's shoved into the path of an oncoming carriage. Luckily for Lukka, what could have been a terrible death turns out to be a kind twist of fate. The passenger, Edgar, is a nobleman with striking blue eyes who invites Lukka to help him end his solitude. The two grow as close as brothers and Lukka blossoms into a bright, helpful servant and a loyal friend. But once every month, Edgar leaves the estate for three days and entrusts Lukka to feeding his "pet" in the tower: a beautiful black wolf with clear blue eyes... (Source: MU)


Shizuku Utsugi, an energetic girl who grew up in an islet, left her islet and started her life in the mainland in order to go to high school. There was only one requirement from her mom. That was "for 3 years, just enjoy your school life." In a totally new life, new days of girls who spend time on Lacrosse began. The new and powerful author writes the first full-scale Lacrosse comic! It's a sports youth graffiti!! (Source: AkibaBlog)

Tea Prince

Taiko and her friends Haruka and Someko are the only members of their high school's "tea club." (English, not Japanese, tea.) One night they are drinking tea by moonlight and diminutive princes Assam and Earl Grey emerge from their teacups. They can't return to their Tea Kingdom until Taiko and Haruka make three wishes each, but the pair are reluctant to wish foolishly, which leads to the Princes of Tea hanging around the human world for a while. Various hijinks ensue, and more about the history of the Princes is revealed until there is enough drama to choke a teakettle with.

Amai Kaori Ga Surun Desu

Pastry chef Ishikawa is the object of affection for fellow employee Hashimoto. However, Hashimoto can't seem to find the courage to confess—and Ishikawa has a problem of his own. (Source: MU)

Candy and Kiss

Ever since he was a child, Maeda Taiki looked plain and shabby, and has never been popular. For these reasons, he wanted to at least have a good sense of fashion as an adult. So before he knew it, he became a shop attendant at a fashion mall. He has now found someone that he likes…. an employee at the fashion mall's main department, Yagii Haruhisa. Not only is Yagii kind and handsome, he's friendly with everyone he meets. He's someone that Maeda simply can't help but admire. However, Maeda is aware that he doesn't stand a chance of loving someone like Yagii… That is, until an awkward question from Maeda causes Yagii to steal his first kiss?! (Source: MU)

Café Kichijoji de

"Irasshai!" Welcome to the most unruly cafe in Kichijouji and its charming staff of five who have absolutely nothing in common. When tempers rise, so do mop handles, giant boulders and repair bills. Meet Jun, a mild mannered high school student with a sharp tongue and superhuman strength. Tarou, a clean freak with a deadly aim in the art of mopping. Maki, a sloppy, lazy woman chaser. Minagawa, a talented pastry chef equally skilled in the arts of voodoo, and the impulsive, cheerful, though desperately unfortunate Tokumi. A feast of comedy based on the popular Japanese radio drama. (Source: DMP)

When I was Thirteen

Paul, a serious honor student, meets the violent and rebellious Morgan in their all-boys school. What follows is a story of the struggles of youth and painful but powerful self-discovery. This is a prequel to the series , involving Paul and another boy named "J."

Children's Time

A continuation of Yuuta x Mayumi's story in Kodomo wa Tomaranai. This is the third in a series of stories: 1. Mainichi Seiten 2. Kodomo wa Tomaranai 3. Children's Time 4. Kodomo no Iibun 5. Isoganaide. 6. Hanaya no Nikai de Although not specifically "sequels", this is the order that the stories were written/published in.

How to Make (a Otome) in Love

Kenshirou Midou is a popular student who harbors a secret: despite being a boy, he has always loved the art of cosmetics. Because of his efforts to keep this low profile, only his sisters and Hiura Mihate, a childhood friend, know his hidden obsession. Apart from his siblings, Hiura is Kenshirou's only hope at realizing his potential. Kenshirou begs Hiura to let him practice applying makeup on him, and when Hiura finally succumbs to his request, the drastic transformation shocks Kenshirou. From the appearance of a dull, slender boy to a charming petite girl, Hiura's new look evokes something in Kenshirou. On the other hand, Hiura has had feelings for Kenshirou long before his dramatic change. Often watching from the sidelines, Hiura thinks that a romantic relationship with him is beyond his reach. But with the revelation of Kenshirou's unusual hobby, Hiura remains optimistic and decides to devote himself to his friend's passion. As their affection for one another intensifies, the pair slowly develops an unbreakable bond.

The Wize Wize Beasts of the Wizarding Wizdoms

Hidden away deep within the woods, far from the prying eyes of the world, lies the Wizdom's School of Wizarding. There beasts of all kinds gather to live, to learn, and to love. From everyday animals to fantastical creatures, these BL stories are told with a realistic and light-hearted touch. (Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)

The Color of the Clear Blue Sky

Aiming to become a sensei like his former sensei, Sugiura Sakae came to an elementary school as a contract teacher. Coincidently, his former sensei, Fukada Ryuuji, is currently teaching here. Ryuu sensei is Sakae’s idol as well as his pillar of support. However, the “Ryuu sensei” he once so admired, is totally different now. Feeling bothered, Sakae slowly realizes that his feelings for sensei have become love. But what about Ryuu sensei? (Source: Attractive Fascinante)

Yasashii Ryuu No Koroshikata

The world is said to exist with yang, the world of humans and yin, the world of mythical beasts in conflict with each other. A long time ago, two clans who were involved in an unending war exchanged an inviolable pledge and started living in their own worlds. At that time, the king who ruled over all the mythical beasts gave his own sword to the human queen whom he dearly loved and vowed that if the queen or her descendants ever fall into danger, he himself and his descendants will surely come to save them… And now, when the third war is about to begin, a beautiful swordsman with the blood of the Holy Queen had a fateful encounter with the aloof king of mythical beasts, and the story begins! (Source: Aerandria)

Blue! Blue! Blue!

When Kippei Takiya, the brother of two older sisters, realizes that he desperately needs money to buy a birthday present for his lover, he decides to live and work onsite at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn). There, he meets the well-educated Masumi Honjou, a man who is neither too strict nor too lenient, and who has a charm which embodies the word "mature." As Takiya continues working at the ryokan, he starts to become interested in Honjou... (Source: honyakusha)

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgin, has developed the power to read people's minds by touching them. After a brush with his very handsome colleague, Adachi realizes the guy has a raging crush on none other than Adachi himself! (Source: Square Enix Manga)

A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes Bl Vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A Bl

In the world of Boy's Love (BL) manga, the number of charming men rapidly swells. When the protagonist realizes that he is living in such a world, he swears to avoid becoming the main character at all costs. As he goes on with his life, he encounters bizarre yet seemingly everyday situations where men instantly fall in love with one another. Despite trying his hardest to not get involved in these dreamy scenarios, he cannot help but become privy to the stories of romance around him. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

The Day I Become a Butterfly

The Day I Became a Butterfly is a volume which contains six chapters, each a different story: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) (Source: ActiveAnime)
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