Fool Me Twice

They say freshman romance can make or break college life. So it was for Min Kim, whose heart was shattered two years ago by beautiful upperclassman Bora Kwon. Min re-enters college after his military service hoping for a fresh start, but as luck would have it, his old flame has also just returned from a long leave of absence. As he struggles to bury lingering feelings and move on with his life, Min encounters Jina Bae, the firecracker-next-door who begins to find a place in his heart.

Romantic Graffiti

There’s nothing more shocking than your crush turning into a meaningless doodle you scribbled in class. That’s what happened to normal college student Do-yun Lee, who has feelings for his handsome roommate Jiwon Woo. One day, Do-yun confesses to Jiwon, who doesn’t exactly respond the way Do-yun had hoped he would. The heartbroken Do-yun draws an “ugly” version of Jiwon, and when he gets home, he’s stunned to find Jiwon looks exactly like his drawing. To end the unexpected curse, the two will have to face chaotic obstacles - and their undeniable attraction to each other.

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet

Song Yan and Wen Li are a well-known contract couple in the entertainment industry. Ever since they are married, they are not in business and have not been tied together. Countless fans lament, yet many ship them together. That is until the two of them officially announced their participation in a national-level variety show for couples and they reluctantly began to come back to their career. During the recording process of the variety show, the two of them slowly discovered that their bond had already been firmly tied several years ago...... 顶流夫妇有点甜

Ladies on Top

24-year-old Mitsuki is a proper, yet cute company worker who has dated plenty of guys. However, when her boyfriends pat her on the head, caress her cheeks, and say heart-racing lines, she ends up shuddering at these heart-pounding actions instead…! Unable to enjoy the “ordinary happinesses of women” and unable to date anyone for long, Mitsuki reached the age of 24… “This next relationship will be the end of that!” Declaring as much, Mitsuki started going out with her current boyfriend, the handsome 28-year-old elite company worker, Shinomiya. Encountering this perfect young man, however, awakened Mitsuki’s previously hidden nature…

Lady Liar

Adara, a lower class girl whose only love is money, comes up with the perfect plan to get her dream job: she’ll pretend to be a refined lady to be hired as a companion for a wealthy family. The job seems easy and everybody believes she’s the lady she claims to be… except for one person. Always at risk of being exposed, Adara discovers that surrounding herself with lies and pursuing her dreams with her heart untouched will be harder than she thought.

I Was Expelled from the Black Magician’s Guild and Picked Up as a Royal Court Magician

Noel, a girl who was suddenly fired from the magic tool guild, wallowing in her sadness she meets Luke, a wizard who was a rival at her academy, inviting her to become a Royal Palace Magician. She was assigned to Luke, who named Noel as his sidekick. While there are many people in the royal palace who do not believe in her power, Noel overcomes everything with her talent and efforts, the bond with her friends, and the feeling of "I love magic!" Noel, a commoner who loves magic, and Luke, the next head of a large noble family. Two young geniuses create a whirlwind in the kingdom!

Stella Next to Me

Chiaki and Subaru have been the closest since they were kids. Chiaki has always liked him but as Subaru walks further into the world of entertainment, Chiaki decides the time has come to move past her one-sided feelings and find new love. Does she have enough resolve to meet someone better, or will she find herself shaken by her long-time love? A close, yet distant love story between a normal girl and her actor childhood friend!

Nan Shen Meng Bao Yiguoduan (The Wife Contract And My Daughter’s Nanny)

Zhang Xiao finds herself in an unexpected development as she becomes the babysitter of the daughter of an important CEO. Original Webcomic on Tencent Original Webcomic on U17 Original Webcomic on KuaiKan Manhua
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