Summer's Gonna Tear Us Apart

High school student Itsuki decides to give up on his dream of becoming a Koshien baseball player and return to his hometown, Sengetsu Island, for the sake of his injured sister. However, the sight of the island that should have been familiar to him is full of eerie strangeness... The scariest suspense horror drawn by a shocking team.

Student No. 0

Io Sado, a member of the occult research club, is curious about his classmate "Attendance number 0", who is noticed by no one. When she invites her classmate to join the occult research club as usual... An encounter between two people that shakes the world. A coming-of-age occult battle begins.

Satsujin Pierrot no Shitsumon

In the year 20XX. Despite the fact that the citizens are monitored by IC chips, making the identification and arrest of criminals easier, gruesome murder cases targeting children by an unidentified serial killer are occurring all over the country. Clad in a black cloak and a clown mask, a deranged serial killer known as the 'Murderous Clown' who poses 'questions' to his victims — the battle between him and the police officer, Yuuto Asakura, begins!

Kyuubi: Choujou Jiken Taisakuka

The ``divine power incident'' crushed over 100 people to death without touching anyone. Kibi, a man who lost his father in that incident, was chasing supernatural phenomena like supernatural power incidents. Meanwhile, Kibi meets Todo, a woman who claims to be a detective from the Paranormal Incidents Division. She says that supernatural phenomena are caused by psychics called "Fox Possessions"...! ?A non-stop mystery begins that uncovers "paranormal murders" that cannot be judged by law! !

The Kingdom Is the Villain's Coffin

“You will be killed.” Cassandra, the young girl who stained the kingdom with blood in her first day on the throne. The death sentence was given to the seven famous ladies of Norstra under her rule. Queens, nobles, merchants, actresses, prostitutes, maids, and wanderers. What is the end that awaits them?

Medium: Reibai Tantei Jouzuka Hisui

I know the culprit. But a medium is not evidence. what will you do!? Psychic medium Hisui Shirozuka guesses who the culprit is, and mystery writer Shiro Kazuki uses logic to show ``evidence other than the medium.'' The two take on a number of difficult cases, but the evil hands of the culprit responsible for the serial abandonment cases that are shocking the world are closing in on Hisui!! A manga adaptation of the original work that achieved five mystery rankings! The mystery drama of the beautiful detective Hisui Shirozuka begins!

What This World Is Made of

After losing everything, the Nakata brothers find a mysterious app that offers a chance to make large sums of money. But are they ready for the danger they must now face, the deadly monsters known as WORLDs...?

Black Behemoth

The story follows 6 contestant participating in an all-out battle to become the Talisman as a new turning point in their lives. However is it only a matter of time before their past catches up with them?

Reborn as the Enemy Prince

Imagine being kin to your sworn enemy. Killed in battle while defending his country, Bern wakes up in the body of the enemy prince, Kalian, and vows to avenge his people. But between taming an abusive half-brother and surviving his mother's deadly web of intrigue, sweet revenge seems to slip further beyond his grasp at every turn.

Shinitai Majo to Koroshitai Tenshu

The owner of "McLeod's Death Shop," which sells death to wizards, lives for the purpose of saving them by giving them the death they have requested. He has sold death to any wizard who has requested it, but one day, when he was in trouble because he just couldn't die, a witch came running in...? Note: The manga won first place in Rensai Soudatsu Ranking.

13-kaime no Ashiato

A father confronts the "matched fate" led by a postcard! In 2018, Togawa Togawa works as an elementary school teacher in a certain town in Chiba Prefecture. A good “ordinary” father who takes care of his family. He celebrated his eldest son Aio's discharge from the hospital at his new home with his wife Koharu, and enjoyed small but warm happiness. But one day, a postcard is delivered to him. The postcard transforms his "ordinary" daily life into something unreasonable... Disappearing things are just disappearing, right? The story of confronting "meeting fate" drawn by the author of "A town where I am not the only one" opens! !

Hermann-san Kakukatariki

Café Berlin, a store in Taisho Ginza, a coffee shop run by three Germans, is full of mysterious incidents. Berlin's waiter, Hermann, who loves to play tricks on people, and the waitress, Saki, work hard to solve the tragedy that leaves the town in a tizzy! A subversive mystery about the erratic duo.


From an early age, Xu Shenze would often get caught up in the same strange dream. Over time, the dark shadow that the dream cast over his life grew, until, one day, the shadow became real, and suddenly Xu Shenze's life as he knew it was completely torn to shreds. His parents suddenly meet a gruesome end, and all sorts of other strange and disturbing events kept on happening to him. Alone and afraid, when he hears about a supposed "dream town", he decides to go there to look for answers. In the town that is called both the "Holy Land" and "Purgatory" by its residents, what sort of terrible truths are waiting for Xu Shenze?

Ascension to Godhood by Slaying Demons

After being abducted into the spirit world, a young boy awakens his powers of divinity by accessing nirvana. Together with his younger twin sister, they explore this mysterious world, study Taoism, get stronger, assist gods, make friends, solve mysteries, and become the number one demon-slaying god!


Seth is an apprentice sorcerer from the Pompo Hills. Like all sorcerers, he's an "infected", one of the few people having survived an encounter with a Nemesis, those creatures falling from the sky and destroying everything around them. Being immune to them, Seth wants to become a Hunter and fight the Nemesis. But what Seth really wants is to find the source of all Nemesis, the Radiant. Helped by his fellow sorcerers, he will seek the Radiant, under the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition…

Reiwa no Dara-san

Seeing it brings misfortune; defiling it brings a curse? Introducing a new era of strangeness, abandoning seriousness! On a stormy day, a landslide destroys a fence, and siblings who ventured into a long-prohibited area encounter a terrifyingly bizarre creature... "I'm a curse god, you know!? Don't you think anything of this grotesque form?!?" The unflappable siblings, rather than being scared, casually call the creature "Dara-San" and grow fond of it!? Seemingly scary but not at all! A new era of occult comedy that leaves seriousness behind.
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