When Fate Finds Us

One kiss could save my life. As a prophetess, Noemi can see the futures of those she touches. Yet sadly, as the wife of a god, she sees only death in her own fateful future. But then, a sudden kiss with an unruly merchant brings a vision of life. Could he be Noemi's key to survival? Or will she be unable to escape her destiny?

Villain Unrivaled

When I woke up, I became the villain of a martial arts novel! But the body I possessed happened to be the extra character of a disastrous villain ? [Hyuk Ryeon-Un / The fourth son of Demon Sect. Leader / A scoundrel, a playboy, has weak combat techniques and a nasty temper] Hyuk Ryeon-Un, the insignificant villain of the demon sect’s young master who died with a single slash by the main character in the novel! He had no choice but to become stronger in order to survive from the main character. “Damn it. Main character or whatsoever. I will destroy all of it!” The chilling survival story of martial arts of the good-for-nothing villain who will do whatever it takes!

The Unyielding Will to Die

Wei Jun knows that he will be invincible when he is killed, so he starts to seek death like crazy. But then, he found out the whole world was toxic. Wei Jun beat a debauchee silk-pants into the ground only for Wei Jun to be complimented that it was a good fight and Wei Jun should hit him again. Wei Jun scolded the emperor until he was puking blood, but then the emperor swore to protect him for a lifetime. Wei Jun stood up for the goddess of Heaven’s Destruction, who said she could only give her body to repay him. Wei Jun: Stop it! I just want to die. Why do you have to make it so hard?!

The Emperor's Caretaker: I'm Too Happy Living as a Lady-in-Waiting to Leave the Palace

"As a court lady, I will do my best!" 17-year-old Lin Feng, the daughter of the Right Prime Minister, is forced to participate in the ceremony to select an empress for the 5-year-old emperor. However, her babysitting and musical skills catch the eye of the highest-ranking councellor, Cang Lian, and she is assigned to work in the imperial palace as a novice court lady. A Chinese-style palace caretaker fantasy begins!

Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not The Holy Child

A hundred years ago, Chu Xiu transmigrated from Earth to Cang Qiong Continent, and received the Destined Villain System. After killing countless holy sons and daughters, he was surrounded by the older generation, and self destructed, possessing Tai Su Sacred Ground Yun Xia Mountain's senior disciple. This time, he decided to lay low and develop strength. Let's start small, what about becoming a saint admired by thousands?

Hermann-san Kakukatariki

Café Berlin, a store in Taisho Ginza, a coffee shop run by three Germans, is full of mysterious incidents. Berlin's waiter, Hermann, who loves to play tricks on people, and the waitress, Saki, work hard to solve the tragedy that leaves the town in a tizzy! A subversive mystery about the erratic duo.

History’s Mentalist

In a world reshaped by coronavirus, everything around grad student Sakutaro seems to have changed...except for himself. But the gears of history start to turn when Buddha’s emissary suddenly appoints him as ‘History’s Mentalist’! While taken aback by the unexpected flaws of the great historical figures he encounters, Sakutaro begins to (hopefully) reexamine himself in the face of their earnest endeavors... Can he survive the challenges of both the past and the present?!

Kyonshi Kaitan BLOOD

20th century Shanghai, China. In a society that has outlawed jiangshi, mafia groups have opened businesses exploiting corpses. Lei had his family snatched away from him, and even his own body was made into a jiangshi’s. It was then that he met Mei Lan, a beautiful taoist who cracks down on jiangshi related crimes. With his eccentric partner, he intends to make every effort to liberate all jiangshi from their curse and bury the dark taoist, Hei Xu.

Empress of Hell’s Mission Guide

Qin NianNian, the SSSSS-level Queen of Mercenaries, became the ruler of the underworld after her death— The Empress of Hell! She is highly intelligent, callous, and cruel in her methods. With her adorable pet, TangYuan, she transmigrates into thousands upon thousands of worlds and switches on her ‘punishing scums’ mode!

The Heavenly Emperor of Darkness

Once forsaken by the world, a child found themselves thrust into a world of darkness. This unfortunate child had to survive in a horrifying place, surrounded by the agony of others, where people were torn apart, and screams filled the air. However, fate took a surprising turn when a powerful demon mysteriously vanished from the secret prison cell within the imperial palace, a place from which no one had ever escaped. Miraculously, this powerless child, who had lost everything, underwent a transformation. They emerged as the new emperor of darkness, gaining immense power and authority in their rebirth as the ruler of the shadows.

Rikan Koukoku Hikikomori Zuichou Hiden – Hibi Koukyuu no Nukedashi, Yuunou Kanri Yattemasu

A hikikomori princess and a talented government official, a success story of a male government official who uses two different faces! The 6th Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest Special Award in the Romance Category & Comicalization of the already published reprinted topical work! In a Chinese-style different world, Saya was picked up by the emperor of the Likan Empire and became the concubine of the inner palace. However, when she reaches the limit of her boring life, she sneaks out and disguises herself as a man and starts working as a government official. A seldom-seen "Hikikomori princess" and a talented government official who rose to the rank of second in charge of the Shoshosho in just five years. Use two different faces to solve the crises of the country that are coming one after another!

Empress Mother

The tyrant Xi Wuji always thought that his pampered queen treated him affectionately, like a delicate little lotus flower. He thought she loved him, but on the day of his death, he opened his eyes. As a result of his death, she took charge of the government and had many lovers, and lived in debauchery. But he became her favourite lover again in this new life!?


"He", a police officer on his shift, happened to meet "her" on the streets, by chance. Through its bold, yet delicate brushwork and elegant prose, this stylish, full-colour comic illustrates the subtle air of intimacy between these two individuals.

The Scholar Warrior

Cheon Muji-chee, the only son of the Hebei thousand swords family and the grandson of King Kwon. Cheon Seong, the lazy young master of the heavenly swordsman. He wants to become an imperial scholar, but the world pushes him to the top. “My dream is to become a scholar…. How long do I have to be like this?”

The Flag Bearer Warrior

Not a single thing existed from the beginning of this world. In order to fulfill the dying wish of his father who looked up to a Low-Rank Workman all his life without knowing anything, Jin Myeong wants to become a Low-Rank Workman as well. Jin Myeong wanted to make everyone look up to his father’s dream, so he vowed to bring a remarkable change to the ordinary Low-Rank Workman position that “The one who holds the escort bureau flag, I will make it a position that only the best warriors can occupy.” All he has is a pair of mysterious shoes, a mysterious stick, and ambition. This is the epic story of Jin Myeong who does not give up and continues to train despite his low status as a Low-Rank Workman, in order to rise in Gangho as ‘The Flag-Bearer Warrior’.
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