Not a lot of people know that one of the most talented and ruthless Mahjong players in the city is a young high school boy. Kei is a teenager of few words, but his observation skills, unwavering will and experience in the game allows him to survive in a world full of powerful, rich and dangerous characters. Kei is currently hiding a girl named Amina who has entered the country illegally and protecting her from being deported. He spends his days sleeping through class and his nights playing high stakes Mahjong, waiting for when a worthy opponent arrives. (Source: MangaHelpers)

May's Maiden

That place is a den of sin in which money and lives are bet. Ai, a faint-hearted and quiet girl sunk in debt at the brothel Maidens, meets a formerly wealthy girl, Mei. If you lose the bet, it costs you your virginity? Set in a combined casino-brothel, the sexy but cute Mei will end up doing it tonight as well. (Source: MU)

Ningen Card

Mamoru, a mediocre college student, discovers an item of darkness while searching for the missing father of his childhood friend, Yuuka. This item is a "human card" which can trap people on a single sheet of paper for buying and selling. The horrific human trading suspense now begins!

Muteki No Hito

The story features the characters Mizuki Murata, who lost his emotions in a car accident, but in return gained an extremely good memory, and his rival Junpei Sonokawa.

Atsuize Tenma!

Tenma is a Middle Schooler who loves playing Mahjong. He doesn't know exactly why, but the freedom it brings him fills his chest with pride. One day, his friends run into some trouble with University Students from Kantou, and it's up to Tenma to save the day!

Dorei Yuugi (Kimura Takashi)

Kai Ichihara is a high school student who receives a strange email asking him if he wants to try "Slave Go," a mobile game that will enslave certain people if they are "captured" by taking a picture of them. After using the app on two people, Kai is shocked to learn they have disappeared and the game he thought was just a joke must be real. Then when his good friend Rinna Date also vanishes, he fears she has met a similar fate. Confronted by a mysterious man named William Gotou, Kai is taken to a room where the slaves he captured are to participate in a death battle concocted by wealthy members of "Society," an exclusive, underground community. Betting is done through a currency called Delos and when one loses all their money, they will become a slave. Although he is able to win his first game, this is just the beginning, as Kai finds that Rinna has indeed become a slave, and in order to free her he must pay a fee of one hundred million Delos. With William acting as his guide, Kai strives to capture strong slaves in order to help him liberate Rinna and release both of them from the clutches of Society's evil game. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (C000)

The one-shot was penned by original character designer Naohito Miyoshi, and it illustrates the duel between Yuuya and Akaba. (Source: ANN)

Biohazard - Heavenly Island

centers around the film crew for "Idol Survival," the internationally popular television program where swimsuited idols compete in games. The crew arrives on the same isolated South American island that TerraSave member Claire Redfield is visiting on an investigation. (Source: ANN)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Transcend Game

A two-part prologue special to the movie set between the end of the manga and the beginning of the movie.

I Am the Only One Who Knows This World Is a Game.

Hardcore game addict and loner Souma Sagara spends all of his time playing the virtual reality game "New Communicate Online," also known as "Neko-Mimi-Neko." After Souma fails to keep his promise with his little cousin Maki to clean out the storage room of her house, Maki comes across a magical wishing mallet in the storage and accidentally wishes him away out of frustration. Souma's body is promptly teleported into New Communicate Online as a level one character, stuck in an unforgiving game world notorious for its glitches, developer shenanigans, traps, and unfair scenarios. However, having wasted years of his life away on this horrible game, he is well aware of its lazily coded mechanics and sets out to abuse their inner workings to his heart's content. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Influenced by two of their friends, a pair of female high school students, Natsu and Kumiko, begin playing the popular MMORPG "Apocalypse Online." When they log in for the first time, they find they've been given a rare item, a pair of "marriage rings," which gives the two of them special bonuses when they are near each other. But while their "relationship" is a funny quirk of the game to Natsu, Kumiko secretly longs for it to become a reality... (Source: MU)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

The story takes place in the distant future and focuses on a boy named Yuma Tsukumo, the number one bad boy at his school. Something unexpected happens when Ryouga challenges him to a Duel as the mysterious ghost of Astral appears before them, a new legend begins.

Battle Mexia

, an RPG fighting game where every action and feeling seems real. In a future where gaming dominates all class. If you are a professional player, the Government will take care of you forever. What will happen to the main character when he enters a school where Battle Mexia is the main subject?


The story of a group of young otaku forming a company to help others like them in Akihabara.
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