A journey to find the power of the lost Queen. Their great adventure begins.


Humanity has been oppressed for hundreds of years due to the rise and invasion of the natural enemy "demons". The world was ruled by the "Great Demon Lord" and his 47 "Demon Lords". While people live in fear, 47 people selected from all over the world have been named "Heroes" and are preparing to fight against the Demon King's army. And now, a desperate operation with the survival of mankind on the line was about to begin.

Demon Instructor at the Royal Academy of Magic

Setsuna is a perverted instructor who is unable to invoke magic. As a part-time lecturer at the Royal Academy of Magic, he continually tells his students to self-study. The new students who entered the academy with high expectations are disappointed in Setsuna, and judging him to be incompetent, they challenge him to a Guess duel. "": Will you resign if I win? "": "I"? Surely you mean " we." All of you have been pretty annoying, so I want you all to take on me. But in return, you know what will happen if you lose, right? Setsuna plays with the special students, who are the best in a hundred years, with perverse and astonishing magic that is unthinkable in common sense! But behind the demon-like behavior, could there be a true purpose...?

Love In Time

Locke, a time traveling scientist from the future, becomes trapped in the 1800’s and has no choice but to wait until the present day, when the next window that will allow him to travel back to the future will arrive. In order to avoid potentially disastrous butterfly effects, he's lived in complete isolation for over 200 years. Two months before his chance to return, sparks fly when he runs into Zoe, a kind-hearted young woman whose fate is deeply intertwined with his own. Although he knows better, he can't seem to let her go. Will he go against everything he's ever known, to risk his life and future to protect her?

The Farewell of Canglan

From loveless translations: After a great battle, the weakened demon tribe resurrected the ancient demon lord Dongfang Qingcang, whom they thought would lead the demon tribe to victory over the heavenly realm. Unfortunately, the mighty demon lord accidentally swapped bodies with an inexperienced flower-spirit. What should've been an epic war of destruction between the three realms became a slapstick romantic comedy that will create an uproar in the realms instead. Love Between Fairy and Devil / 苍兰诀 / 魔尊 / Cang Lan Jue / Разлука Орхидеи и повелителя демонов / ของรักของข้า

Having finished her lifelong revenge, Ms. Dark Elf has too much free time

A Dark Elf who finally got her revenge after many years of training to avenge the burning of her home village. What is waiting for her is"free time"...! A dark elf who has too much free time to go on a journey finds cute things! Let's the story begin!

Supreme Saint’s Love Debts

After a desperate struggle, Supreme Saint Ling Yunfeng along with a team with determined beliefs have finally restored order to the world. I was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace, but suddenly discovered that before the struggle, he actually forged a lot of love debts and had children. It's time to pay it back! The supreme saint, who is a single dog and has no experience in raising children. The Supreme Saint has to fight in this new battlefield! Too Much Love Debt Before Invincibility, Before Being Invincible, There Were Too Many Love Debts, Wudi Zhiqian Qing Zhai Taiduo-Biandi Xingchen, 無敵之前情債太多

Black Sun

Hunted since birth for a burden he unknowingly carries, Yu must discover the secrets of his origins and his ties to a hidden shinobi world so he can come to realize the weight of his destiny, of being the last hope…the Last Flame of humanity standing against an ancient demonic threat.

Martial Demon King

"Demon King" That was the title they used to call me in my past life, before I became human.

Demon Lord’s Martial Arts Ascension

“Demon Lord.” That’s… What they used to call me in my past life, before I became human.

Bu Tian Gang

Cute, smart, and introverted disciple X cold, strict, and beautiful master. In order to pursue the cold male god from the train, Dong Zhi worked hard to get admitted into the department of public service — the ministry of exorcism. Not only is he working day in and day out, he constantly puts his life on the line and has to dodge all kinds of dangers, isn’t chasing this male god too strenuous? 步天纲

Return of the Top Hunter

Noah, who was once an S-rank hunter, sealed his extraordinary powers after he accidentally killed his best friend. Since then, he has been serving as an obscure doctor in a small town. A chance encounter with another hunter, Xia Zuo, leads him to discover that his best friend may not necessarily be dead. Together, Noah and Xia Zuo embark on a journey to unveil the mysteries of the past. Dǐngjí Lièrén Chóng Cāo Jiùyè Return of the Top Hunter Top Rank Hunter Returns Back to Work 顶级猎人重操旧业

It feels so wrong to bite people

What?! Do I have to do all the bad things to get stronger? What kind of system is this! I just want to be a ordinary person! It Feels Wrong To Bite Someone

Witch Creek Road

A survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.

Gash Bell!! 2

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon world comes to light. And in the depths of their despair, three demon children decide to take a great risk.
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