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닮은 사람
Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 299
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sports
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Doppelganger summary:
"It's okay. It'll be okay." On November 8th, Shinwoo, who is holding on to life by a thread, is saved by Han's warm words. Afterwards, Han pursues Shinwoo, and the two quickly become close. However... "You get tired of toys you've played with for a while." For reasons unknown, the two grow apart, and just like that, 13 years pass. The two meet again as members of society, but for some reason, Han doesn't even remember Shinwoo... "Who is he?" Slowly, Han remembers what happened with Shinwoo, realizes all of his habits are related to him, and figures out why he forgot him. "I only realized it today, but I think I like you a lot." He tries expressing his affection for Shinwoo in earnest, but the wary Shinwoo does not open his heart easily. Han, worried about Shinwoo's overly pessimistic attitude, learns about Shinwoo's past- which he hadn't even cared about before... Can their clock start again?