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Teenage Dragon

Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 1054
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
mangakakalot.to rate : 5.0 / 5 - 1 votes
Teenage Dragon summary:
“Hi! My name is Minji Kim. I used to be a teenage girl but after waking up from a nap one day, I turned into a fugly lizard! I want to go home! Somebody help! Wait… but, if I'm in this strange body, who’s in mine?!” Minji is a high school girl living a normal life in an ordinary world. After waking up from her usual nap in class one day, she discovers that she has transformed into a powerful dragon who lives in an out-of-the-ordinary land. Minji forms a group of eccentric friends by using her wits, and together they embark on a journey to help Minji find her way back to her own world. Will Minji ever be able to return home?