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By My Flame, the World Bows Down

我が焔炎にひれ伏せ世界 Waga Homura ni Hirefuse Sekai
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Published: ?
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By My Flame, the World Bows Down summary:
The desire to burn things, even if just by chance… Homura, who held that desire, was transported to a different world. There, similarly peculiar high school girls were gathered, and it seemed like they all possessed special talents. They were asked to “save the world.” Due to the resurrection of the Demon Lord after 100 years, Villains are spreading chaos taking advantage of the confusion. To rectify the turbulent world, the fate of the world was entrusted to these girls.Winner of the Sneaker Grand Prize after 12 years,The otherworldly comedy of the strongest fiery girl, magnificently serialized in a comic!!