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Boss Bride Days

Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 581
Genres: Fantasy
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Boss Bride Days summary:
Sakura, a shut-in gaming otaku, rescued an old man who turns out to be the leader of a yakuza! The clan leader was so impressed by her actions that he declared to his three grandsons, “Whoever wins Sakura-san’s heart will be the next clan leader!” And so, she was surrounded by three handsome Yakuza brothers; The gentle eldest son, the delinquent second son, and the level-headed intellectual third son. Gokusuma Days is an exciting manga that was ranked number one on the manga reader app Palcy (palcy.jp), a heart-throbbing four-way love story between an otaku and three handsome Yakuza! Let the “Yakuza Harem”, start!