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Auto-Hunting with Clones

분신으로 자동사냥 Auto Hunting with My Clones
Status: Publishing
Published: ?
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Auto-Hunting with Clones summary:
One day, as 20-year-old university student Sang-Woo was lazing about as usual, he ended up joining an awakening program, a system that allows even civilians to learn and use skills. Established a few years ago, the awakening program was advanced by the government, and now, the majority of citizens accept the system and end up awakening. Sang-Woo, too, entered the program without much thought, and thanks to it, gained the cloning skill. People around him thought this cloning skill only fooled the eyes by creating illusions, but after Sang-Woo realized it’s a skill that doesn’t create illusions but real bodies, he decided to become a hunter. Afterwards, in front of Sang-Woo, who was riding the wave of success with this skill, appeared Jumper George Lucas. Lucas, seeing Sang-Woo’s cloning skill, felt a certain possibility, and took interest. Sang-Woo, who also felt a small piece of the massive plan Lucas was concocting, was unable to shake off the uneasiness he felt. Ultimately, Sang-Woo, who continued with his hunter activities, ended up learning of Lucas’ plan and the true, dark secret behind it as well…