Radiation House

Iori Igarashi is a talented radiology technician who has patiently waited for his chance to work with An Amakasu, his childhood friend. After being hired at her family's hospital, he is determined to fulfill a promise that he made with An when they were younger. Unfortunately, having been out of touch for years, she doesn't recognize him and it doesn't help that she also isn't a fan of the way he performs his duties. As all sorts of cases come into the department, she must acknowledge his skills and learn to work together so that patients can receive the best treatment possible. While the two of them adapt to each other, will An recognize her childhood friend, who has been working with her all this time? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Smoking Gun: Minkan Kasouken Chousain Nagareta Enishi

Nagareta Enishi is an eccentric, donut-loving forensic scientist at the private Chiyoda Forensic Science Laboratory. Nagareta mostly deals with civil issues and unsolved cases. His first few involve proving the truth behind an incident of public-transport groping and determining whether a 5-year-old case was a suicide or simply an accident. However, there's also a deadly mystery to be solved from Nagareta's own past... (Source: MangaHelpers)
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