Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY: Curse Killing Arc

In the village of Hinamizawa, Keiichi Maebara and his friends live their everyday lives peacefully and without incident. Having just moved to the town, Keiichi finds himself with no shortage of new friends. One of the youngest of this group, Satoko Houjou, plays many pranks on her friends and is always cheerful. But behind her smile lies a dark past, filled with personal heartache. Despite all of the tragedy in her life, Satoko is still able to find happiness. Keiichi, who admires her resilient spirit, begins to think of himself as a brother figure and her protector. But when her uncle Teppei returns to town, Satoko begins showing signs of abuse. Keiichi longs to return his friend to her former happy self... so much so, that he starts to consider doing something drastic to keep her safe. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Umineko When They Cry Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch

On the island of Rokkenjima, Shannon is a mere servant to the eccentric head of the Ushiromiya family, Kinzou. But Shannon has feelings for George, her master's grandson, although she is quite aware that a relationship between them would never be allowed. Try as she might, Shannon's affections for George grow stronger with each passing day, despite her attempts to deny it. One night, the Millennial Witch of Rokkenjima, Beatrice, takes pity on her: she will use her magic to help George and Shannon realize their love, if Shannon breaks a ritual mirror nearby that is dampening her powers. Eventually, Shannon relents, and to her surprise, her relationship with George begins to blossom. Kanon, another servant, believes that Shannon is being tricked by the witch. As "furniture," Kanon believes they have no right to even consider themselves human, let alone feel emotions like love. However, he soon discovers that one among the family has affection for him: Jessica, Kinzou's granddaughter, and eventually he starts to consider his own feelings toward her. But both Kanon and Shannon's love will be put to the test when the rest of the Ushiromiya family arrives for the annual family conference, and Beatrice enacts a competition for them to find Kinzou's hidden gold. Whoever finds the precious ingots will gain the coveted position of family head, and everyone has their eyes on the prize. But what starts off as a bizarre game soon turns into pure terror, and some of them may not make it out alive. Will the two servants be able to protect the ones they love? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Anthology, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hinageshi-hen, Omorashi de Naku Koro ni Kanwakyuukei-hen

An officially published anthology series for , created by several artists based upon reader submitted stories. The first two volumes draw their primary inspiration from question arcs, while the latter volumes draw inspiration from the answer arcs. Serialisation information and a (currently incomplete) chapter listing can be found under tab.

Majikaru Musou Tenshi Tsuki Irase!! Ryofuko-chan

Tired of being timid, school girl Marie wishes she was bolder and more social. To her surprise, two angels appear in front of her. They introduce themselves as Ryofu Housen and her second in command, Chinkyu Koudai. The angels are from Sangoku Heaven where thousands of angels train and engage in war so that they can become king and live lavishly. Chinkyu is known throughout the Sangoku Heaven as one of the most brilliant tacticians and with the raw power of Ryofu, they make an amazing combo. The two must obtain crystals that appear when a good deed is done for humanity in Marie’s world. Marie gets dragged into their quest under the most ridiculous of premises.
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