When I Woke Up, I Got the Strongest Equipment and a Starship, so I Went and Became a Mercenary in Order to Live as I Please while Aiming for a Detached House

Sato Takahiro was an ordinary office worker and hobbyist gamer until the day he woke up on a spaceship–one that strangely resembled a craft from a favorite space-shooter game. With a decked-out ship, a crew full of babes, and a fantastic universe to explore, he’s going to make the most of his good luck and create the life he’s always dreamed of! (Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)

Goshujinsama to Yuku Isekai Survival! The Comic

Kosuke found himself in a whole different world. Standing there with the wilderness to the east and a forest to his left, he decided to make good use of the occurrence, and tests his knowledge to where he finds this amazing crafting ability, just like the games from his original world! (Source: MangaDex)

A 29 years old guy living single, transported to a new world to live freely... at least he wanted to

This is a story of a 29-year-old bachelor who was brought to a different world to live freely. Caught by an "unwanted" wife from day one, his life is not going so smoothly when the entire country focuses its attention on him in ten days. Without losing to such an obstacle(?), he will continue to live on.
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