Girls & Panzer: Ribbon no Musha

Tankathlon is a new form of tank sport gaining slowly gaining popularity among Senshado enthusiasts. While also involving tank battles, Tankathlon is distinguished by its lack of official oversight allowing any school with tanks to participate in a battle anywhere at any time, and a 10-ton weight restriction on tanks used, limiting battles to light tanks and tankettes. (Source: Girls und Panzer Wiki)

Shidenkai No Maki

Hagoromo Maki is going to an all-girls high school, a special one that allows its students to commute by plane! She and her first friend at school, Hasegawa Motoko, have found a plane and fixed it up for themselves to fly! However, it turns out that it was the plane used by a legendary pilot who protected the airspace for their school, and their school's ace pilot does not approve of them having it. Will Maki be able to fly and protect the air for their school? (Source: MangaHelpers)

Strike Witches: The Witches of Andorra

A semi-canonical doujin like Afrika no Majo, this one based on the historical events of World War II in Andorra.
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