Watashi ga Koibito ni Nareru Wake Nai jan, Muri Muri! (※Muri ja Nakatta!?)

Longing to be a normie, I, Renako Amaori, am finally making my high school debut after working so hard for it. However due to my communication impairment I have a gloomy aura, and after being in the normie group day in day out, I got so exhausted and said "I can't do this anymore!" I've reached my limit! During that time I accidentally met the top student of our school, perfect in face and figure unrivaled in sword and pen, our school's best high school girl, Mai Ouzuka, and we found in each other someone who we could open up to and talk about our own troubles. What a nice friend I made, now I can surely get back on my own feet... is what I thought! "It seems that you, even as a girl, have made me fall in love with you." "...What?!" Mai suddenly confessed to me. Wait! What about our friendship?! Thus we have feelings we cannot tell each other, friendship or a romantic relationship, we're presenting each other the goods about them and put them into practice to see what kind of relationship works best for us. Can I succeed, or will my best high school life ...!! (Source: Shueisha, translated)

Moshi, Koi ga Mieta nara

Mei Haruno has a special ability to physically see if someone is in love with another person. Displaying in the shape of big bold red arrow, most people might think this ability is cool, but for Mei it has only brought her hardship and trauma from her fellow classmates. Finished with being an outcast, Mei starts afresh at a girls only high school and vows to never get involved in love and keep her ability secret. But when her old primary school friend comes in with giant love arrows pointing straight for Mei's face, what is Mei to do? And also what is up with this other girl who seems to love her? (Source: MU)

Arioto, A Yuri Story About a Girl Who Insists "It's Impossible for Two Girls to Get Together" Completely Falling Within 100 Days

"Girls going out with girls? That can't be! But..." One day, Marika Sakakibara, a popular high school girl, was offered one million yen by her beautiful classmate, Aya Fuwa. "Sakakibara-san, I will buy you for 10000 yen a day for one hundred days. Let us see if girls going out with girls really cannot be." "H-Huh?!" From that day, their after school xx time began. (Source: SB Creative, translated)
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