What should I do in different world?

On a certain morning, a metabolic 35-year-old salary man was suddenly transported to another world. Without any knowledge about this world and the ability to communicate, and not very confident about his physical capabilities, he just has no idea what to do. However, using the skills granted to him from the existence known as the interface, he sets his goal for the time being as to figure out how to keep living, and just not die. Hero? Demon King? He knows nothing about that. He's just a salaryman. (Source: Novel Updates)

Tada Shiawase na Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu: Tensei shite Kondo koso Shiawase ni Kurashimasu

Araki Susumu, a salaryman who has been working ceaselessly without caring for his family, loses consciousness on his birthday and is reincarnated in another world as "Tidus," the son of a couple named Dee and Tin. Regretting his previous life, Tidus begins to work on the development of his village from an early age to live happily with his family this time. Taking advantage of his father's position as head of the village, he teaches the children around him how to write and creates new special products from the blessings of nature. However, some forces want to take advantage of his success... "I hope and pray that the ones around me will be happy." To make his family happy this time, the boy starts his life a second time. This is the story of a young boy who starts his second life to make his family happy. (Source: Shousetsuka ni Narou, translated)
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