The Shinigami Infirmary

Hadesu Sensei is no ordinary middle school nurse. In fact, many students believe he is a shinigami. His excessive friendliness and eagerness to win his students' affection does little to offset his terrifying appearance. But, fortunately for this middle school, Hadesu Sensei is an expert at extracting "byouma", demons of disease, from possessed students!

Kemono Jihen

When dead animals mysteriously start appearing in a remote village, a specialist from Tokyo named Kohachi Inugami is brought in to identify the cause. Upon arriving, Inugami finds a young boy named Kabane working in the fields and quickly befriends him, eventually bringing him on to help solve the case. As the two get closer to the truth, Inugami's suspicion that Kabane is more than human begins to grow stronger and he decides to employ the boy at his detective office, dedicated to solving cases related to the supernatural. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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