If the villainess and the villain were to meet and fall in love ~It seems the shunned heroine who formed a contract with an unnamed spirit is fighting with the nobleman yet again~

Despite being from a prestigious noble family, Bridget, a failed daughter who made a contract with the weakest spirit, one day had her engagement broken off by the third prince, Joseph. However, no one sympathized with her, who was acting as her proud daughter at the behest of her Joseph... At that time, Bridget meets the Duke's son Yuri, who is feared by those around her because of her overwhelming ability and her cold personality. Two people who hate each other and repel each other. However, the encounter gradually changes their destinies. This is the story of a villainess who is despised for being incompetent and a villain who is shunned for being a genius who eventually fall in love.


This is a one-panel manga that illustrates girls in different situations, such as "girls that changed seats next to the person they like" and "girls who eat a lot are cute."

Fake Saint of the Year: The Ideal Saint? Too Bad, Here's the Fake Saint! ~Reincarnated as a Villain Derided as the Shitshow of the Year~

[The Eternal Scattering Flowers: Fiore Caduto Eterna] is a game ill-suited of being known as a galge, as the main heroine would – regardless of the chosen route – meet her demise. Fudou Niito, a resident of Japan, went to bed dissatisfied with the ending of the game. When he next awoke, he found himself in the body of the game’s hated fake saint, Elrise. Confused, but with an understanding that Elrise’s actions would spell disaster for many lives in the future, he took advantage of the situation and acted to change the course of history. As a result, despite her rotten personality, Elrise was adored by those around her as a perfect saint. Furthermore, the game itself was intrinsically linked to his original world and changed accordingly to suit Elrise’s actions. Without any knowledge of what the hell was going on, the fake saint Elrise continued to alter her fate. A saint on the outside, but a man on the inside. The transmigrator was a piece of shit and the person he transmigrated into was also a piece of shit. A combination of shit and shit would cause an accident – to create the greatest, fake-saint shitshow of the year!

The Magic Chef of Ice And Fire 2

Ice and fire of the same source, enters the kitchen with magic. ten years practicing cooking, ten years understand cooking. Learning cooking along with magic, a generation of magic chef enters the doors of fate! The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire (New)

Temptation of Shiro Gal & Kuro Ga

Rei, the white gal, and Natsuyu, the black gal, gets their classmate "Otaku-kun" involved in one thing or another. You'd think the two of them were seductively tempting Otaku-kun, but the one who was interested in Rei was the black gal next to her, Natsuyu... The Yuri web manga that gained popularity, has announced that it's been serialized in a tankoubon volume with over 20 pages drawn.

She Was Actually My Stepsister ~Recently, The Sense Of Distance Between Me And My New Stepbrother Is Incredibly Close~

A little brother-like secret relationship with his little sister!? A romantic comedy between siblings with a misunderstanding begins! Akira, my stepbrother, was brought into my life as a high school student after my parents remarried. He is a cute boy but shy because of the complicated family environment he grew up in. I had a crush on my brother, so I always spent time playing with Akira for his sake…. He loves me… We hit it off, and the distance between us grew rapidly! I asked him, "......Brother, do you like me by any chance?" "Of course I do." The misunderstanding between the two of us deepens. And finally, I realized that Akira was my "sister" and I was confused... "I like the distance between my brother and me as we have always been. I'd rather be with you more than I am now." Akira's approach to me, aiming to make us "lovers" instead of "siblings," has begun! A flirtatious romantic comedy with a little sister who is too cute and carefree to be a brother!

Ikenie Monzenbarai

“I don't want a sacrifice or anything like that, so please leave.” Born into the prominent Uzumaki family, Nanao was raised to become a god’s sacrifice. On the day of the 111th year contract renewal, Nanao visited the serpent god’s shrine to be eaten. However, the god rejects Nanao at the door, saying that there is no need for a sacrifice!

Survive As The Hero’s Husband!

Sheng lang was kicked out from his house for being a waste of food and oxygen ,things happened and he end up in another world , to survive in this new world he needs to learn material arts but since he’s way too lazy and weak he concluded that his best option is to find a rich talented pretty wife and just be a trophy husband who spends his days enjoying the riches of life! And if anyone dared to disturb his peace he’ll tell his wife to kick their asses!! Shǐshàng Zuì Qiáng Zhuì Xù 史上最强赘婿

My Insanely Competent Underlings

The depths of the labyrinth that leads to hell where it’s impossible to retreat. Gamers, who entered the ranks of heroes, and even those who were called the absolute powers of a generation failed to clear the deep zone. “Unless a miracle happens, all of you will die. Are you ready to die?” My team members replied with stern faces. “No.” “No.” “No.” …No one?! Hoyeon’s rise to the top with his insanely competent—or just crazy—teammates in a game fantasy begins now.

All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me!

Waking up in the world of “Love and Pandora”, a trashy otome mobile game set on the Pandora Continent, the main character found that she had transmigrated as the renowned villainess of the game, Medea, the queen who would be executed in the future. To change her fate, she decided not to cross paths with the male leads, or the original female lead of the game. Unbeknownst to her, however, all the male leads were revived with their memories of their past lives, and they felt deep guilt towards Medea. On the other hand, Freya, the original female lead of the game, noticed Medea and started romancing her as well… All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me! (Official) / 野男人都想嫁给我 / Rude Men All Want to Marry to Me All Wild Men Want to Marry With Me Rude Men All Want to Marry to Me Ye Nan Ren Dou Xiang Jia Gei Wo Yě Nán Rén Dōu Xiǎng Jià Gěi Wǒ 野男人都想嫁给我

Martial Wild West

In a world where the Han Empire never fell, martial arts is a power used to squeeze people dry. So when a new continent is discovered, both good and evil men alike flee to settle there and escape the tyranny of the Emperor, opening up the era of a Martial Wild West. In the turbulent frontier, Zhang Qian is a man that reincarnated from our cushy, modern world, but his new world is nothing like the fantastical world he dreamed about from reading martial arts novels. While the martial arts in his new world are powerful, they are also too crude and lack elegance. And so Qian journeys along the continent for his dream of bringing true martial arts back to the new realm.

Ancient Godly Monarch

In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations. A martial artist can innate link with one of the constellations, awaken the Astral Soul, and become a Martial Cultivator. Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. They eventually transform into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens. The young man Qin Wentian cut off his own meridians and rose against the heavens. He wants to be the brightest star in the heavens and the earth! Taikoo God King, Ancient God King AGM Thái Cổ Thần Vương (Novel) 太古神王

The Hella Weak Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Kaeri-chan

The former all-girls Yurigawara High School is going co-ed this year. The new student, Mizuhaya Saotome, meets Kaeri Uchihishi, the head of the school discipline committee, who talks loud and acts tough, but that just makes her seem blustery and kind of a jerk! A comedy about school morality begins!

Polar Bear Yakuza and Meal Princess

Yukinari, a yakuza bear loyal to his boss, gets seriously injured and ends up being the caretaker of his old man's only daughter," Lady Sayoko". Sayoko is quiet and mature for her age, but she is a princess with bad eating habits who does not care about food! Yukinari is worried about her eating habits and tries to get her to eat delicious, nutritious food, in one way or the other...! A delicious heartfelt story of a fluffy caretaker and a little girl.

Tengu's Kitchen

New Yorker On will be shown the wonderful and sweet perks of slow life by his skilled cook brother (Who’s actually a Tengu!). On, a boy from New York discovers he is a descendant of a Tengu. According to their traditions, after reaching 14 he must spend a year of seclusion in Japan with his older brother: Motoi Izuna. Tengu aren’t particularly powerful, they live a simple life working in the fields and enjoy cooking, which only disappoints On. His interest only gets caught after discovering his brother has wings! Will he also develop Tengu powers!?

Amuse-END park

It started on a nice family trip with my beloved wife and children. I thought that this happiness would last forever. That is, until we got lost and stumbled upon this “amuse-END park”. Hidden pasts are revealed. Bonds are broken. Showing the darkness of human nature, This is a new horror series released by Shingo Honda, author of “Hakaiju” and “Kiriko”. Presenting the best “family collapse” horror. The title is a pun on amusement park, so there's no direct translation.
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