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Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu

After graduating from high school, Mai Kawai's top priority was to find a job with a stable income to avoid turning out like her father. However, despite having taken a variety of civil service exams, she was faced with a harsh reality: nearly every institute denied her entry. The only place that accepted her was a police academy, which she reluctantly joined. Even now that she is an actual police officer, the world continues to be cruel to Mai. Due to her profession, she unexpectedly receives constant criticism from disgruntled citizens. Disheartened by the hostile treatment, she decides to submit a letter of resignation after just a few months of employment. But on the same day Mai chooses to quit, she meets Seiko Fuji—the former ace of the Criminal Affairs Division who is assigned as her new instructor. Finding her new coworker to be enchanting, Mai delays leaving and gives her uninspiring job a second chance.

Kishibe Rohan Won’t Move

A series of oneshots which focus on Rohan Kishibe, an eccentric mangaka that appeared in Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable. Kishibe Rohan is a mangaka with the ability to read people's memories – a power he refers to as "Heaven's Door". He seeks out the supernatural to see for himself what his mysterious skills are all about, and to bring more realism into his manga. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #16: At a Confessional Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #02: Mutsukabeza Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #05: Village of Millionaires Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #06: Poaching Reef Extra: Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #04: Mochizuki Family's Moon Viewing Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #07: Monday Sunshower Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #09: D - N - A Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #10: The Run

Machine Master

During the tribulation, a supreme ruler is accidentally reincarnated. In the backyard herb garden of his family, he found the remains of modern civilization, missiles, mechs, and airships that appeared in the Xuanhuan continent. In this life, he intends to use the means of technological civilization to break the cycle of reincarnation. 机械主宰

Exclusive Furnace of Future Empresses

I don't know when men lost their comprehension physiques, unable to gather their souls for cultivation, and cultivation became exclusive to women. What's more terrible... There seems to be a huge problem with the aesthetics of men in this world! The handsome male protagonist Luo Yang is considered an ugly man, and became a ferryman in the magpie building, but secretly he is a super paparazzi who has a lot of information, and as the only male in the cultivation world who can cultivate, his cultivation has reached the emperor level . Because of falling in love at first sight with Xia Peng who came to the Que Que Tower , she voluntarily became her exclusive stove. Since then, the sect that was originally mixed with fish and dragons has been turned upside down because of the arrival of the male lead...Hmph...What I want to cultivate is the future Empress!

Demonic Awakening

Mai Xiuying, an office worker, heads to her first interview. Instead, she walks into the arms of a wolf, aka Kai Yang, her boss, who is also a demon, this couldn't possibly go wrong, right?

Nan Shen Meng Bao Yiguoduan (The Wife Contract And My Daughter’s Nanny)

Zhang Xiao finds herself in an unexpected development as she becomes the babysitter of the daughter of an important CEO. Original Webcomic on Tencent Original Webcomic on U17 Original Webcomic on KuaiKan Manhua

Ikai Shinrishi no Shoukido to Iken

In 2013, an evil god landed on Enoshima. The area around Kamakura has now become a peculiar area called "another world." While everyone was going insane, only a psychologist specializing in ghosts was the salvation of those who were trying to keep their sanity. Engetsu Shimano, an unlicensed and mysterious psychotherapist, believes that humans are the ones who want strange things. I'm going to solve it while exposing it. A real ghost story woven by him and people who are fascinated by evil gods

Ascension to Godhood by Slaying Demons

After being abducted into the spirit world, a young boy awakens his powers of divinity by accessing nirvana. Together with his younger twin sister, they explore this mysterious world, study Taoism, get stronger, assist gods, make friends, solve mysteries, and become the number one demon-slaying god!

Insect: Resurrection

Wanghuan, is a veteran assassin who has an important mission: To eliminate the head of the Lin Group. Just as he is about to kill his main target, the daughter of the boss suddenly appears and by reflex, Wanghuan shoots her. In revenge, the boss of the Lin Group responds with a shot but misses. Although Wanghuan manages to kill his target, his informant tells him that killing the girl caused the mission to fail and that his service would no longer be needed, but the truth behind all this is that his informant Liyue had set him a trap, and as a result Wanghuan is killed by him… Or was he?

Oshikare Shimazaki-kun

Kuchinashi Kouko has set up a solo activity club to enjoy her alone time. The club's activities include gazing at her favorite person. Just when she thinks she has gotten the club room she has longed for, she is somehow accompanied by her favorite, Shimazaki-kun!

An Archdemon's (Friend's) Dilemma: How to Babysit a Crybaby Knight

A clumsy knight and a magician who struggles to understand his own feelings. The story of how two arch-enemies end up closer than they ever thought they would be. Spin-off of「Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba ii?」, which follows the daily life of Barbaros on his job of protecting the Captain of the Holy Knights, Chastel Lillqvist.

Watashi no Ue ni Ukabu "Akuyaki Reijou (Hametsu suru)" tte Nandeshou ka?

While attempting to do good deeds, she seemed to have entered the prince's doting route! Louise, the count's daughter, for some unknown reason, can see letters above people's heads. Written above her own head are the words, "Villainess (doomed)." To change that, Louise aims to be a good-natured noblewoman. However, when she is pressed by Sylvile and tells him truthfully that his descriptor reads, "Love interest: Second Prince (Easy)" his interest is piqued and they become betrothed. Furthermore, he offers her a promise, "To make you feel at ease, I'll show you that I can change my descriptor."
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